Discover your Master Guardian Angels and receive your Angelic Help!

with Stijn

By tuning into your current energy field, Stijn reveals to you your core blocks and themes that stem forth from your family lineages. He can reveal to you any limiting and unloving belief that you carry within your energy field. These limiting beliefs block your Harmonious Union, your life purpose, your true potential, your health and your abundance.


Discover your Master Guardian Angels and receive your Special Mantra to call upon them 


Angels are truly one of the most beautiful and powerful beings in our Universe. They are made of pure love and light. And their purpose is to help humanity and the people they got assigned to by God. Angels have unlimited knowledge of all the secrets of the different cosmic realms. Angels are all-powerful yet they spend their time helping humans become the best they can be 24/7. You can always ask your Angels for help, for your relationships, your life purpose, your health, and they can even assist you in healing and removing traumas and any pain that you hold on to and that is affecting your soul, mind, heart, and body. If you want to truly maximize the full potential of their Angelic power, you can use an Angel Mantra. By using this specific Angel Mantra, you do not only call upon your guardian angels, but you also remove all negative energies and obstacles and blockages that you carry in your soul, mind, heart, and body. They replace them with the opposite positive. Your mantra automatically aligns you with God, your Divine Self, and all your good. This mantra was used by the most powerful mystics of the ancient world such as the pharaohs of Egypt and the ancient leaders of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. They have been passed on to Master Psychics generation after generation.

And now you can receive your very own Angel Mantra to call upon your Guardian Angels for help and assistance. You can even ask your Guardian Angels to help you develop your psychic abilities so that you can use clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance into your own life to ascend and grow even faster and to assist you into creating and experiencing your Heaven on Earth. An Angel Mantra is something private and powerful because it is created through your magical bond with your Angels. And, this mantra is so powerful it can only be used by you because it is formulated according to your unique energy vibrations. Take note that this Angel Mantra is private and especially attuned to your energy type. So it is advised to always keep this mantra for yourself and chant it silently in your mind.


"Stijn is a very loving soul who will guide you gently into the sensitive places that you may not even be aware of. He uses his channeling abilities to help point to the places within your Union that are in need of love and attention. Our session with Stijn was a fun, light, and supportive experience. Although we focused on healing what was arising in our Union, Stijn made it fun and easy. Adam and I had been working on increasing our abundance which Stijn easily identified a poverty consciousness block in our Union. We have had many lifetimes of choosing to live in poverty and when Stijn pointed this out, he invited us to make new choices in fully claiming our abundance. We are deeply grateful for our experiences with Stijn and highly recommend working with him and his Twin Flame, Johanna."

With Love, Adam and Breann