Psychic Services

with Master Psychic Stijn

Psychic Services that support your Life Purpose

By tuning into your current energy field, Stijn reveals to you through the various Psychic Readings he offers, you core blocks, your core energy leaks, your current struggles, your divine solutions, what to do etc.
These Life Purpose Readings and Soul Readings are perfect for everyone wanting to go achieve greater level of ease, passion, drive, focus, inspiration for your true Life Purpose.
Stijn channels directly from God, his Angels and his Guides and the messages you receive in your Reading are exactly the gateway out of your current situation into more God, love, bliss, soul-alignment and purpose.


Core Block Report and Divine Solutions for your Life Purpose



Energy Leakage Report and Divine Solutions for your Life Purpose


For all channeled services, please allow 7-10 days for completion of the order. First come, first serve. If you prefer any Reading in a recorded or written version, let us please know via email (TwinFlamesTravelingWithin@Hotmail.com), and we can find a way! Looking forward to providing you with wonderful Readings.


"I have worked with Stijn and Johanna for almost a year. As Ascension Coaches they have given me so much healing and loving support on my path. I appreciate their extremely loving help. And I am also especially grateful for Stijn's extraordinary ability to perceive connections where I had no access to my consciousness. In one session we were able to heal a deep trauma from a past life. Stijn guided me perfectly and all the heavenly support of angels was noticeably present here. Three days after this deep healing, my true Twin Flame came into my life. Recently I took up another offer. And Stijn helped me to get in closer contact with my Guardian Angels by channelling my personal mantra. Since this very high vibrational experience, my ability to perceive even all parts of my consciousness and also my own special gifts has become more apparent. I am very very grateful for Stijn and Johanna. And I am happy that Stijn shares this gift with others. I can only recommend everyone to work with these two wonderful souls."

Lara Zimmer