Harmonious Union Ascension Coaching

Stijn & Johanna

Transform your Life and live your Happily Ever After ! 

Stijn and Johanna, have found in each other their One True Love.

Stijn and Johanna live happily in their Harmonious Twin Flame Union and they believe you can too.


























After we had our Introductory Session/s together you are one of the few who can claim us as your one Ascension Coach. In doing so, we claim you as our Student.

We are committed to walking you Home, into your Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame and beyond. Let`s just get started if you are serious and ready to go all-in on your Twin Flame, Healing and Ascension Journey.

First come, first serve. For our most dedicated Students we offer the option of having regular specific dates and times to when we hold the sessions together. All calls or held via Zoom and last 60 min. 


We only have a few limited spots left! 

We are looking forward to guiding you towards your Heart's desires. 

With love, Stijn and Johanna

In these private settings Stijn and Johanna will guide you into God's eternal truth, perfect love, your true divine self, oneness with yourself, God, your Twin Flame, and all your heart's desires.

In their Introductory Session you get to feel the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union which helps you attune to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. 

Stijn and Johanna are an exceptional example of people who mastered and attained their Harmonious Twin Flame Union within a very short period of time and who pursue passionately their Life Purpose together.

They dedicated their whole life to help people come together with their One True Love and make all their Dreams come true.

Coachings with the both of them are very powerful and healing.

Stijn and Johanna can help you quickly and easily whether you experience an upset in your Twin Flame relationship, in your career, life purpose, abundance or in any other area of your life.

Receiving consistent coaching sessions make all the difference if you are serious about making big jumps towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your personal Heaven on Earth.

Explore with 1 Introductory Session



Selflove Pack 

2 Sessions



Worthiness Pack 

4 Sessions

Value Pack

8 Sessions


Divinity pack

12 Sessions