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A Note of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Love your Twin Flame and yourself for the beautiful soul and perfection of Love and Light that you truly are. Not for the physical body, looks, character traits, or status in this world.

Holding on to the illusionary standards and status that the world and the media portray of how a feminine or a masculine needs to be, look or act is exactly the block that is blocking your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

For God and your True Self, it does not matter in which body or physical gender your Twin Flame comes.

For it's about your status in God. It's about the soul. On a soul, heart, and mind level, you and your Twin Flame are one. You are one being.

So ask yourself: does it really matter what he or she looks like?

Or the financial status?

Or if they have a trim body or not?

Or even if they would be in a body that is the same gender as you?

Wouldn’t you still love yourself if you do not meet those standards?

Those worldly standards are ego and not of God either way. There is no one size fits all.

God is multifaceted and all of his children are unique in their way.

Everyone is beautiful and unique in their way.

And your Twin Flame is perfect for you, no matter in which form or package they come.

God hand shaped and molded you and your Twin Flame in absolute Love, Light, and Perfection, with your unique talents and skills. Your unique way of loving. Your unique Divine way of being.

Dare to stand out as your True Self. As the unique child of God that you are.

Stop comparing yourself.

Because your way and path are unique.

Walk your way with God as your True Self without expectations and love your Twin Flame without expectations.

Be the Love and Light of your soul and you will be surprised at how good your life will become for you.

Only then will you finally live life like you truly are and attract the things that are truly for you.

That is real Heaven and that stays forever.

Dare to be truly you and dare to be unique.

That is what this world needs from all of us.

Here you find the Teachings of Union that helped us and so many beautiful couples in Twin Flame Union or Harmonious Twin Flame Union. The Teachings of Union will absolutely change your life and set you up with rapid speed towards your ultimate Ascension and Healing with your ultimate, best friend, your Twin Flame.

Our Ascension Coaching Services help you heal even deeper separation consciousness from you and your Twin Flame and help you to truly master the Teachings of Union.

Applying these two, studying the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia and receiving regular Ascension Coaching sets you up for your Twin Flame success and a life of wonders, love and so much healing.

You deserve that! Take action today <3


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