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Facing Adversities on the Twin Flame journey

The Twin Flame journey requires you to overcome your deepest fears, blocks, upsets, resistance, anything that you avoid or neglect and that you know you are responsible for. 

We all love the time when everything goes well, but truly our spiritual muscles are the most challenged and strengthened when we go through adversity. 

Being in the midst of a challenge doesn't feel comfortable. You might feel pressured and pushed beyond your comfort zone. 

The Twin Flame journey is a journey of inner and outer growth and of consistent stable expansion, transformation and maintenance of your good.

The Divine, Love itself and Life desire to have a loving relationship with you and in order to come into complete harmony with how Life is and to be able to flow in alignment with it, you might need to do some inner work and overcome inner and outer blockages. 

Growth can feel pretty uncomfortable. You might find yourself doing something for the first time or for the first time in a very long time. 

Every next level, requires a next level version of you, and that’s the reason why we encounter adversities and challenges to help us learn, improve, grow and become the person you are called to become. 

So next time, you feel upset about your challenge, you can see it as a blessing. Life is truly teaching and helping you reach the goal you set you wanted to reach. 

This is the same for your dream of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and of any dream, conquer your fears and you achieve your dream. 

If you desire personal support, to help you overcome your challenges and adversities and arrive into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I would love to help you. 

Book here your Introductory Session that is 50% off our regular Coaching Service and see yourself living together in Harmonious Twin Flame Union with your Twin Flame:

The Teachings of Union you find here:


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