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How do you achieve the life of your dreams? 

The life of your dreams is yours to claim and have and also yours to bring into physical manifestation. 

The good news is that with the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, you are perfectly equipped to achieve the life your heart desires. You are the child of the most High, a Divine child of God. 

Love or the Divine itself planted your dreams into your heart for a reason - why? So that you bring them into physical manifestation - what else would they be for?

It’s a journey of manifesting your dreams. It definitely is first of all a spiritual journey that you need to undertake in order to really achieve something spiritually and eternally. It’s a journey of vibration. A journey of allowing God to shape you into the precious diamond God knows you to be. Everywhere you doubt, everywhere where you feel fear, these are the places where first your work begins. 

Without clearing your internal fears, blocks, and barriers to the good that you desire, you set yourself up for failure because how could a vibration that is not in alignment with the good that you desire attract or match the dreams in your heart? 

Looking back at my Twin Flame journey, I definitely see how much I was in the beginning saying „Oh well, my Twin Flame is doing this… „ but now I know the Universe of God could literally not give me the good that I desire because I wasn’t ready. Only when my vibration, became ready, was the door for my Twin Flame to enter my life finally and permanently open. It’s the same process with any dream you have. You need to chip away at subconscious fears, and limiting beliefs, and build a solid strong vibration in yourself and in your life to maintain and keep the good you desire. It requires work. 

Your vibration and your whole life are comparable to a beautiful garden that you need to tend to every day in order for the flowers to blossom, in order to nurture the soil, fertilize it, and lovingly care about it - it is no different with the process of manifesting, it requires your commitment and your effort in daily taking care of the inner and outer garden that you build for yourself. The more you love and care for your garden within and without, and the more you grow from a place of peace and Love, the more your garden can grow and blossom and become the most beautiful garden, the garden of your dreams. Then a new dream arises and the same process starts all over. The only thing is that you do not abandon what you love - because anything that you desire to keep and maintain requires your Love - it’s the lifeblood of anything real and eternal. 

So ask yourself, are taking care of your dreams? What are your dreams? Do you know what you truly desire? Which steps are you taking to take care of them? Which next steps can you take to grow or improve? Are you giving them all the love and attention that they need? Is your dream worthy of all the Love you give it? Ask yourself this. Is it your highest dream? What is it? The key is you never need to settle in life and can fine-tune your life, and your vibration and make the necessary changes and steps to have the life of your dreams. 

Get clear on your dream and point yourself with all that you have towards it and you will manifest your dreams, all of them, one by one. 

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