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The Twin Flame Ascension path is all about loving, ascending, and inviting God in all areas of your life.

I know sometimes you might move through heavier feelings because these are to ones you need to release to go to the next level of your joy.

Keep having faith, work the process, and apply the Teachings of Union. As you heal layer after layer and bring love there, your vibration raises.

Sometimes you are called to really go deep and uproot the heavier stuff that is lingering in your consciousness. Feeling your feelings, applying the Mirror Exercise, and honoring where you are, are the way to go!

Remember it is only about you and Love itself! You are right on time always as it is always perfect for you!

Sometimes many things can even seem to fall away on your journey but that is only because you have called in more of your joy, more of your love, and the true essence of who you are.

Trust that if more things release themselves or if you are asked to let go of many things, more of your good that is perfect for you will come to you!

Our Creator knows us far better than we know ourselves.

Don’t get discouraged and keep choosing love, faith, and joy!

It’s a vibrational journey and your Creator knows exactly why things are happening.

You just need to trust and be open to Love’s way.

It is good, for sure, even if in the midst of it - we cannot see it.


And keep doing the inner work that is taught by Jeff and Shaleia.

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