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Your Twin Flame journey lies in your hands.

Will you just wait? Complain? Blame? Or will you wholeheartedly embrace the solution to your Twin Flame journey that is here for you through the Teachings of Union?

The Teachings of Union are the way.

You become the hero in your own story - you have to.

What will you do with your dream of perfect love?

Will you choose your heart’s desire and believe in true love?

Will you choose yourself, despite the odds that you keep saying?

True love is real. Heaven is real. You are supposed to live in Heaven on Earth. God has all the blessings in store for you.

Will you go stand up for yourself and claim the best in life?

It is your life. So precious and valuable.

Don’t just let time go by and regret not having gone all in your dreams.

You know what? You are not alone. God is walking with you and you are strong and capable.

Any dream if it is of love it is for you. It is of God for you. Will you step out of God’s way and surrender where God and Love itself are calling you? Will you listen to your heart and love’s whisper even without knowing how in the world your dream shall come to be?

You know that you are called. Which dream are you putting off that God is waiting so heavily on your cooperation and alignment?

God desires your Twin Flame for you. God desires your glory. Your ultimate happiness. Your favor.

God wants to mold you and shape you into the precious diamond that you are.

You have God’s favor. Don’t call yourself doomed. God knows you as victorious, strong, resilient, and capable.

Will you act as the person God knows you to be?

Just because you experience upsets, and challenges along the way doesn’t mean things are not happening. You are supposed to move through every challenge with your head held high. Together with your Heavenly parents, you will overcome every trial. And in every trial, there are infinite blessings for you. Will you see them and work through the challenges? The challenges are the way to your victory on the other side.

Love yourself. Walk with God. Choose your dreams over and over and just start walking.

Move in the direction of where God and your soul call are calling you to go - that is all you have to do.

No dream is too big. Every dream is yours. You are so powerful and capable. Give yourself the belief and permission to go for your dreams.

You are called. Love will keep calling you till you answer. Surrender your resistance and choose love here.

Will you love God and yourself with everything you got?

Will you go for your dreams?

Will you say yes to God, to love, to your dream over and over, and act like it?

It is your time.

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