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There will be times on your Twin Flame journey when you and your Twin Flame are already together, and you experience upsets yourself or upsets from your Twin Flame towards you. This is completely normal because as long as you haven't achieved Perfect Union with Love itself, upsets will come up. As we said before, know, that none of this is ever personal. It is simply one of you expressing for the full Being that you are, what is not in alignment with Love and what doesn't feel good, so that you can heal and work on it together.

So, WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER CHALLENEGES on your Twin Flame journey, then YOU MUST PERSIST and KEEP CHOOSING LOVE with full commitment, and trust, and faith in your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Because with the Mirror Exercise, the whole Teachings of Union, and the support of professional Twin Flame Ascension Coaches who can help you and your Twin Flame through these challenges, you will never need to be afraid of not making it into your Harmonious Union or into your relationship with your Twin Flame. We have guided multiple people and Twin Flames in Union through their biggest challenges, and every one of them got successfully through it with the combination of their persistence, their inner work on themselves, the support of the Classes Twin Flame Ascension School and the whole body of work by Jeff and Shaleia and in combination with support through our Ascension Coaching Sessions.

So, persistence in combination with the previous pillars is going to make you unstoppable on your Twin Flame journey and in your Twin Flame relationship.

If you would like to know about the Teachings of Union and the Mirror Exercise that deliver the core solution to Twin Flame Separation, then click the link here below. By clicking onto that link you are invited to sign up for the very powerful and Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory E-Course. By signing up for this extremely powerful Course, you will receive a coupon within the Course that is sent to you via your email address, which gives you 50% off from your first 60 minutes Introductory Session with either Stijn or Johanna along with an extra free gift on top of it to jumpstart your road towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union =>

If you desire more support on your Twin Flame journey and desire professional help from Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe to help you attain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, then click on this link to get to know more about our Ascension Coaching Services


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