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No matter where you are right now on your Twin Flame journey, no matter how it looks like right now, there is always that one question that keeps being pointed back to you over and over again when it comes to your Twin Flame and spiritual journey.

This question is the most important question that you will see returning over and over again. And how you answer this question is very important and key to achieving Harmonious Twin Flame Union with your Twin Flame.

Are you lost on your Twin Flame journey and see no way out?

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The question that you will need to answer over and over again on your Twin Flame and spiritual journey is very repetitive. This question is about whether you are still loving God, yourself, and your Twin Flame, even when it looks different than what you expected it to be. Even when your Twin Flame does things you would not expect? Even when your Twin Flame is working through his or her pain points and challenges?

Will you still choose to be loving, forgiving, patient, kind, and infinitely gentle with God, yourself, and your Twin Flame?

This is the question that you get asked over and over again by God, yourself, and your Twin Flame. "Are you still loving me, even when things don’t always go as planned?"

How do you answer this repetitive question, and how do you pass this everlasting test is called the eternal dance of Love. The answer to this question will determine how your relationship with your Twin Flame unfolds.

But even more important is to know how to fully love your full consciousness, heart, soul, and body of your Union completely. Luckily enough, there are the Teachings of Union that can help you achieve unconditional love and harmony consistently. The Teachings of Union will help you transform your life into Love, harmony, and Heaven.

Isn't it time that you learn how to answer the question that your Twin Flame and life is asking you consistently in a proper way?

So that you can live your Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame and live your happily ever after?


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