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The Right Way to Twin Flame Success

Your Twin Flame journey is about a daily willingness to love yourself and to become more and more your true, confident, loving, kind, happy, joyous, and powerful Self and to do the necessary steps daily for the long term even if the results are not instantly there.

You do it for you, not to get the looks or approval from your Divine Masculine or Feminine.

You do it for yourself, simply because you love yourself and you want to love yourself even more by wanting to become a better version of yourself every day.

If your only focus is solely on the goal and the destination and you compare where you are right now with where you want to go or be, then you are causing pressure and uneasiness within yourself. Because you are judging your present self for not being fully there yet where you want yourself to be and that creates doubt. Which in turn causes upsets, and keeps you from moving forward in the direction where you truly want to go.

If you try to fly from one destination to the other just to get the result and to find short-term happiness and gratification through achieving the result. Will you then really be happy?

Look at all the countless beautiful things you miss out on in every moment and every day if you live that way.

Rather see your life, your purpose, your relationship with yourself, and your Twin Flame as an endless scenery route you take with God. Where you in every moment of every day receive new love, new blessings, new opportunities, miracles, and infinite good. And where you feel like you become richer in every moment when you see God’s blessings and purpose in every moment.

Wouldn’t that feel way better?

Wouldn’t it feel better to accept yourself and embrace each moment?

To see where you can love yourself and your life more in each moment.

So that God and life itself can also love you more in return. And your Twin Flame as well.

Wouldn’t it feel better to grow and expand steadily every day while still maintaining your foundation of the good you already have?

How much richer would you feel if you lived life in every moment by accepting yourself and your life?

And to see where you can add more love to it?

This is the key to your Twin Flame journey and stable success in your life.

The Teachings of Union that guarantee you your Harmonious Twin Flame Union:

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