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The ego will always keep you running for the next shiny object.

It will keep you in a little hamster wheel of illusions and fake promises. It makes you believe that if you just refrain from God’s way and follow ego that when you reach the next thing and the next thing and so on that then will you be happy.

Truth is, being in ego will take from you. It does not give you anything other than the lie of so-called little pleasures. They are only there to cover up the pain and the lack you feel inside. The voice of ego ( FEAR) will keep you running and trading in a lot for that so-called tiny, little pleasure. If you build your life on following this voice then you will see that you will work yourself till exhaustion to try to keep those so-called tiny, little pleasures in your life. This is like building sand castles. It has zero foundation and will crumble down sooner or later. The voice of fear will call you to do all kinds of things. And most of the time it’s covered as if that new shiny thing is going to make you happy. This way you will be hunting your entire life for the next high.

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It’s safe to experience and have good things in your life because God has placed dreams and good in your heart for a reason. But there is no reason to go out, find it or grab it since you already have it with God. If you are in the state of having it within, then God will move through you and others for you to bring to you what feels good and juicy to you. This is why applying the Teachings of Union and the Mirror Exercise is so valuable because they will bring you back into your true state of intrinsic Love, Peace, Happiness, Worth, Abundance, Strength, Intelligence, Truth, etc.

The more you apply the Teachings of Union, the more you become your True, Divine Self again and the more you will let go of illusionary masks and fake ego programming. You will see that what you once thought was okay and pleasurable will not satisfy you anymore. Because you realize that actually what you do want is already within you and you find that with God in your heart. Here you find God, your True Self, your Twin Flame, and your infinite unique good that fits perfectly with your unique self.

The Twin Flame journey is not only about your relationship with your Twin Flame. It is about your relationship with yourself and God. It is about Ascension and healing all parts of yourself who are in illusionary ego, who walk with masks, who cover up their pain with physical things that give them short-term relief. But this so-called relief that you find is keeping you from what feels good. It’s keeping you from your True Self. The longer you listen to the voice of fear, the longer you will run in the ego-based hamster wheel of endlessly seeking highs, rushes, and pleasurable things.

If you follow the voice of God, Love and Peace, then you find that what truly makes you happy and than can be completely different than you what you thought before. If you follow the voice of love and peace, you will be perfectly guided step by step, to lay first a foundation of Love and Peace and what feels juicy to your soul and heart, then you will be guided to nurture and maintain that and to let go of the fear-based illusions, so that you can add to that foundation of Love and Peace.

The more you let go of fear and invest your energy into Love and Peace, the bigger your castle will become. It's about building an eternal Kingdom with God within and as well as on the outside. If you follow God, then you will lay brick by brick on your foundation and you will find out, that doing it with God every step of the way will make you happy and grateful in every moment. Off course you will also be happy when the castle is built and you live in that castle with God and your Twin Flame.

And then you look back at the way towards it and will be even more happy, peaceful, and blissful because you realise you did it with God every step of the way. You enjoyed every moment from a place of Love and Peace. Knowing that God is your source and that what you want is already completely within you. You will be so grateful to God and yourself. Because you have built your castle on a deep-rooted and grounded foundation of Love and Peace. And from there sprouts peaceful happiness and bliss. This way you get to keep what you have built with God. And you can grow and add onto it.

It’s safe to know that God or the Universe is not something you control to get what your ego wants. And that is the same with yourself and your Twin Flame and everything in life. God is not the instrument that you use so that it pleases you. You are God's instrument, and he plays that instrument through you and others for you on the tones of infinite Love, Peace, Life, and Care and Provision of the most beautiful music through you and your Twin Flame and everything and everyone around you. God knows better than all of us and God knows what your True Self desires. God knows the way towards it and how that translates in the physical. God knows the order of how it’s going to come to be. It’s safe to just be God’s Son or Daughter and to surrender to God’s way.

That is why it is important to heal yourself, to do the inner work daily, and to get to know God and your True Self. That is why it’s important to not listen to the fake voice of FEAR and instead to always listen to the voice of Love and Peace. That is what you secretly always wanted. If you know your God within you, and you know you, you only serve Love and Peace then you will know your True Self!

Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings of Union, their products, along with the guidance of the Certfied or Master Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe can perfectly help you on your Ascension and Twin Flame journey. Simply because the Teachings of Union will guide you to come closer and closer to God, to Love, to your True Self, your Twin Flame and what truly is designed by God for you and what fits your unique self. It is the only way that truly encompasses and helps you achieve all these great things and more. It worked and works for me and my Twin Flame Johanna. It works for so many others.

So it will work for you. You just have to start, apply it, commit to it and you will receive the results from God that are aligned with your True Self. It might look and come different than you thought but it will feel good, loving, peaceful, and juicy for all eternity every step of the way.

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