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Twin Flame Alignment - Whom Do You Serve?

Your present moment is what creates the next moment and so on.

Ask yourself, what is it that I want in my tomorrow and my future?

Which desires do I have in my heart right now?

Know that these desires are placed there by God for a reason, so, that you claim them in your heart and allow God to move you towards them daily.

Your choices, thoughts, feelings, and actions in the present create your future.

Are you aligning with what God has created and in store for you with your thoughts feelings and actions?

Look where you are not yet aligned and work the process to bring inner healing there with the Mirror Exercise to bring yourself and keep yourself in that alignment.

God has already opened up all the doors for you.

He knows the way.

He is already at the destination and in all your tomorrows.

But do you join God there?

Do you trust God and yourself enough to choose in every moment your dreams and your good?

Do you trust God and yourself enough to keep choosing love, your Harmonious Twin Flame Union even when you can’t see anything happening, or when it looks very, very ugly on the outside?

Do you trust God and yourself enough when it does not seem to go how you want it to go?

Ask yourself, why do you want what you desire in your heart so much, but yet don’t trust God's way?

While you know, He knows the way better than you know.

What you go through right now is the way to your dreams and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. But are you moving through it or do you want to go around it?

There is only one way to what you want and that’s right through it. This means healing every upset and block that arises. Because God's truth is that there are no mountains and blocks, but you need to move through the upset of illusionary blocks and illusionary separation to see and experience God's Truth and God’s Good.

Are you willing to go all in and to do everything God's way or what unconditional love calls you to do?

What you want wants you, but your job is to align with it in each and every moment by doing the inner work until you have that alignment.

The solution to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union:

- the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia ( you find them here)

- and receiving regular Twin Flame Ascension Coaching


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