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Twin Flame Energy Update December 4th - 10th!

Twin Flame Energy Update for the upcoming week of December 4th till December 10!

In the upcoming week, the energies for the Twin Flame collective will be all about relearning to take care of yourself and nurture yourself. This is a time to go within and to do a lot of inner healing work and being present with those parts of yourself that you were not present with for a long time. There is still room for fast expansion but it will come from the inside towards the outside.

In the first days of the week, you will feel a deep need to rest, nurture, relax, and finally allow yourself to feel all your feelings and the tiredness you were suppressing for quite some time.

Of course, life keeps going and it also invites you to commit and be present with the things you are called to do but there is a deep need and call for balance.

The work and household things of course will not run away. But what good is it if you push through and then realize afterward that you went over your boundaries? And literally can not move anymore for days.

See this as an invitation to learn to always take care of yourself and nurture yourself.

Give yourself downtime from screens. Relax, rest, play, be inner, and just be where joy and peace are calling you. If you feel the need to push, then train yourself to look within and take a little break to give to yourself before you start doing anything. This is the cadence that the Divine is inviting you back into.

No running off anymore. Your happiness and what you want are always within the present moment. Whether you feel called to rest or take inspired action. It should always feel peaceful and giving to your present and future self. When it’s not, then there is where to work starts.

Divine Feminine, learn again what it is to take care of yourself and nurture yourself fully - so that you feel good and ready to take inspired action. What good are you when you take care of a billion things? But none of it feels like it's giving to you? Learn again how to keep all of your energy within yourself and to only give from an overflowing cup. You will see that once you adjust your cadence to the ebb and flow of the Divine through you. Which is in stable intervals like the ocean does, then your life will become way more juicy.

Divine Masculine, although you have all these great visions and want to make them happen, learn to have it fully within first and feel that it’s already yours. Allow love, peace, and the logical Truth of the Divine to guide you where and what to give from the overflow of the Divine. This is an invitation to learn how to receive within first before you do anything.

Just like in the above section of the Divine Feminine. Be like the peaceful ocean that is flowing in ebb and flow. Give only exactly that which feels good and what’s asked for and fully receive the giving as well. This is how you stay full and in balance without any attachment to the outcome. Be happy now! Not when you achieved something - that is the biggest lie that is ever been told to both Feminines and Masculines.

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