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Twin Flame Energy Update: November 6th - November 12th 2023

This upcoming week, the energies will be at the beginning of the week quite intense but in the middle of the week, everything will become more harmonious in all areas of your life.

This past week, a lot of Twin Flame couples probably felt that there was a major energy storm going on within themselves and their Union. The reason behind this was an intensification of the living light codes of the Divine cleansing everything in the atmosphere around the Earth and then making its way to Earth.

The first two days of the week a lot of people will go through upheaval.

It's safe to accept yourself and to love yourself through it. There are a lot of emotions coming up out of nowhere. Let that be okay. It's the old leaving but whatever you do, try to not act on your emotions and try to not project them. This is a natural intense purification process. So it is safe to own your feelings as yours. And to know that it's not physical life or other people and also not your Twin Flame that makes you feel these feelings. These feelings were there already within you. And they just naturally come to the surface to release them. Take your time to sit in a comfortable safe space where you can just allow them to flow and where you have the time and space to love yourself.

Be gentle with yourself and your Twin Flame. It's all going to be fine. In the middle of the week, you will reap the benefits of this release. It's safe to let all false lies and projections you are believing about yourself or your Twin Flame go and to know that you both are safe, lovable, perfect, innocent, worthy, and Divine!!

Stay tuned for more Twin Flame Energy Updates!

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