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Twin Flame Story: Princess Aurora

I watched days ago the Disney movie: Sleeping Beauty with Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. It's a Twin Flame movie.

It was very nice watching this movie for my inner child and seeing a happy end in the end.

There are many spiritual lessons in this Disney Movie included as well, just like you face spiritual lessons in your own Twin Flame journey.

- Such as persistence.

- The unfailing belief in true love that your heart knows and craves for, and that true love is real.

- As well as the importance of being able to overcome challenges in your Twin Flame Union.

- Overcoming ego, illusions and following your heart no matter what.

- Also, that love will always prevail and that love is the dominant force that drives us all.

I am very grateful for the Teachings of Union (Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class) and how far they have brought me, and that they continuously shape me and mold me into the true divine person that I truly am. I come everyday closer to love.

I live together in Union with my Twin Flame Stijn Van Gestel, who is the prince of my heart, similarly to who Prince Philip is to Aurora. You also have a Prince or Princess who is desiring your Harmonious Union just as much as you do.

Every challenge that you overcome is worth it.

With the help of the Teachings of Union, the body of work of Jeff and Shaleia, no mountain is too high. You climb up that mountain, and greater peace and love are yours.

You too can have this perfect love story with your Ultimate Lover. It is really worth everything.

In your Twin Flame Union your love stays, grows, and deepens.

Everyday I am so happy being with my Twin Flame. It makes me feel so rich and loved.

It makes my life feel much more fun, playful and beautiful. Being together with your forever person.

What all will your Twin Flame and you accomplish together?

What fun will you both have?

Love desires everyone to be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union because the Truth is we are immensely loved.

Even your challenge is here to bring greater love and peace into your life.

Will you claim your perfect love story?

Will you choose your prince or princess of your heart and soul?

What will you do for Love?



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