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Twin Flames: Which path do you choose?

On the Twin Flame journey you are ultimately faced with two pathways.

The path of fear, ego, lies and insanity.

Or the path of Love, peace, union and God.

It’s important to find out for yourself on the Twin Flame journey which voice do you worship.

What would Love do?

I can not stress this enough how important your choice is and how essential it is in order for you to succeed on the Twin Flame journey to choose Love.

Guess what? It is not always easy to choose Love even though it should be that way. And why that is? Because of misconditioning or conditioning based on fear, some of us, fall for ego, fear or insanity and believe it’s nonsense or lies.

You can not afford yourself to make choices that are based on illusions and lead to further illusions.

In every place of your consciousness it’s important to root out all misconditioning, fear and lies. You have that much power over yourself.

- So what will you do with that much power over yourself?

- Which path will you take?

- What will you allow to grow and be within your consciousness?

- Which road will you go?

It’s up to you!

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