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Twin Flames, why releasing resitance of your physical life on Earth is of utmost importance!

For your Ascension and your Twin Flame journey, it is very imprtant to heal your relationship with physicality and life on Earth because it does set the foundation for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

When you awaken at a certain point in your life and realize your true identity, which is spirit first, then you might fall into the trap of completely letting go of the physical and to focus only on your spirituality and enlightened life. While meditating, yoga, etc are a way to God's ascension and enlightenment. You will soon realize that even though you ascend more and you gain more enlightenment, and you are closer to God which is of course enough that you still will find a part within your soul and heart where you do not feel fully satisfied or blissed out or fulfilled.

Now you might think... that this is a bold statement. And might ask yourself, is God, not everything I want? Am I not supposed to ascend to Heaven?

While this is a correct statement. You soon willunderstand what I am talking about here. In many sacred texts, you read how many great teachers have taught you about enlightenment and leaving the world of materialism behind. While this is a way to ascend and become very enlightened, it is only a partial way to come closer to God. The simple reason why we make this statement is that the world misperceived the Teachings of the great Spiritual Masters who have walked the earth. When these Spiritual Masters said things like leave the world behind and come to God, what that means, is, to leave ego behind and to find your way back to alignment with God (Source) and who you truly are. So, that you can live in Heaven with God on all levels.

But although all these Teachings of the great Masters focus on spirituality, they lack one thing and that is how to live an enlightened God-centred life that is full of love and infinite abundance. How to have a Divine relationship with physical life. And on top of that, they miss, how to live that abundant, loving, enlightened, physical Heaven on Earth with your eternal, one true love, your Twin Flame.

And this is where the Teachings of TwinFlamesUniverse come in. They not only teach you how to achieve Harmonious Union with the Divine (God or Source), byt they also realign you with your Heavenly good first within. So that you can attract your good and translate it into the physical.

The Teachings of Union are very unique, since they bring you closer to God, into Harmonious Union with God and your full self. But what they also accomplish is that they help you achieve harmony with physical life on Earth and they help you cultivate Heaven on Earth. And the best thing about it is you get to experience Heaven on Earth with your eternal one true love. So you get the best of the Divine, spiritually and physically. These Teachings help you to become free from the illusionary ego world within and without and help you achieve and cultivate your internal and external Heaven on all levels in perfect harmony.

The dreams you have in your heart are placed there by God, so that God can experience them together with you. God has already given you all the things you have in your heart.

But the problem is that most likely a bunch of misbeliefs are keeping you from having that good in your reality. So, your mind will make up all kinds of ego desires that you think you want or need but that your true self in actual Truth does not even want. So this is what is meant by leaving the endless loop of ego-lust-based material desires behind.

The things that the illusionary ego voice in your mind says that you desire, are all coming from a place of fear, misalignment, and lack.

That is why it’s very important to heal your heart and mind and to realign yourself with the Divine within. So that you can get off that endless wheel of ego-based lustful materialistic desires that the outside world says you need or want. And that you can replace that with God and your True Self's heart's desires materialized in the physical from a place of peace, love, harmony, abundance, safety, security, sovereignty, happiness, bliss, and joy. You achieve that by realigning yourself again on all levels with God and your True Self.

Your job is to feel good, and to heal everything that doesn't feel good, to dissolve all ego, fear, and resistance in your being. In Truth, this is just a call for more love, so that you can align again with God and enter the Kingdom of Heaven within and then as well on the outside. Only then will you see the external lining up for you, but it will always be in God’s order. And it will look different from what the outside world says you need to want. But it will feel so juicy, so blissful, so complete...because you co-create with God the Heaven within and without that aligns smoothly with your unique True Self, with your unique True Self's personality, talents, and skills. That is why you are here. To live a unique Heaven on Earth with God and your Twin Flame...that feels so natural and peaceful, harmonious and juicy to your full being. That is what true Ascension is all about.

Knowing that it’s safe to co-create your own unique Heaven on Earth that feels good to your soul and heart. Not what commercials or the world says you need, but what the Divine and your True Self within say, what you want and need. So it’s safe to heal your inner world! So that you can be your True Self and live your Heaven on earth with your Twin Flame.

It’s safe to be God’s child and for you to make youre that you are aligned and feel good and peaceful and to allow God to move through us and through others. Every upset is always about your relationship with God and yourself. It is always a call for more love. This journey is all about your relationship with yourself and God (the Divine). Once you meet yourself and God with more and more love and gratitud, you will there your Twin Flame also. The recipe is love. Always more and more love.

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