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When the tides come…

You probably see this all around you. Things are becoming more chaotic and evident, things are coming up to the surface - why? Because we are collectively choosing  to awaken, to heal, to speak, to unravel and to purify and enough is enough. 

Look at your own inner healing journey. When upsets and misalignments in your soul come up, it can look messy and feel turbulent. Just like you are learning to purify and heal your consciousness, so too is humanity, earth and the world in general calling in and going through a massive purification and healing process. 

Just like you can heal ego patterns within yourself, so too can you encounter ego in your physical reality. 

Like again, whose side are you on? Love/God or fear/ego? What is your intention? Your motive? Check in with yourself. 

This will eternally be your question to answer and according to your choice it will be so. 

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