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Why it’s always Love, the Divine, and your True Self that you want and crave!

Ego only sees separation and a need to push down and control. To manipulate, to fight, to feel offended by everyone and everything, to take everything personally when something is different and unique. It never has enough. It always wants to grab and take more to stuff itself full with whatever it can find and with whatever it thinks it needs. Or whatever it got told it needs. It tries to manipulate the ones who are their True Self in oneness with God.

Ego feels that it is God and is only in tune with the physical reality.

Ego is driven by fear and survival and it tries to project its fear and survival onto God. And tries to control everything including God, so that they all will do what ego says it needs to do. This is because ego feels neglected and unjustly treated. Because it so called didn't got what it wanted.

Ego therefore tries to twist and turn narratives and stories to make love and light seem something dark and evil and make the ego look like the victim. It does all of this to make the Divine and the ones in alignment with the Divine look like the one who is taking or holding Love and attention or things away from the ego.

While in truth, it is the ego that took away all of its own infinite good that the Divine has uniquely for the person or a part of you that is in ego.

The ego doesn't like that the Divine has its natural order in perfect balance of what you need in every moment. Ego doesn't like that order and wants to try to get what ego wants from this physical world to feed the illusionary belief that these material things are going to satisfy the ego or make it happy or joyous. Once it realizes that these material things are not the things that give the ego what it needs, then it tries to rebel and control even more. It sees everything as an offence and it seeks to fight everywhere. It yells, it kicks, it screams, it manipulates and controls just to try to get one thing and that one thing is attention. It feels neglected by the Divine and yourself. And when you don't listen, then it screams to others, trying to find someone or something that is going to take away that heavy dark load that ego created itself within itself because it lost its connection with the Divine and its true nature within.

Ego tries to make it look like the ego is the victim of Love and light. It tries to build a narrative of making you believe that God or the Divine left you but God never left you. God never took things from you. God never keeps things from you. It's only you who created an illusionary personality that is created in the mind and that is in the illusion of separation from God. To so-called give you everything that you want in the physical.

Once you follow eg o and listen tp the voice of fear, contrast and pain, it will ask all of you. But ego never fulfills its promises. It will invite you to do things to get something.

And when the outside doesn't deliver on its expectations, then ego snaps and looses it even more. Ego only asks you to deplete yourself to get something that is so called going to give you satisfaction, Love, joy and happiness and it gives you a false sense of freedom.

It's like a car that tells the driver what to do. But all it does is to keep you acting like a wild hungry animal in the wilderness. Driven by fear, lust and survival. Ego wants you to believe that you are the provider and caretaker. And that once you reach what ego makes you believe that is going to make you happy, then it invites you to its next thing. It tries to create false idols in your mind, so that the so called movie star, pop singer, sports player etc... becomes your idol instead of God and your True Self within yourself.

Ego does everything it can to keep you away from being the true Divine, powerful, loving, intelligent, creative expression of the Divine that you truly are. The ego will try to do everything to distract you from your Truth and true state of being within because it realizes that once you are your True Self, than ego doesn't exist anymore and that ego part of you needs to start moving in harmony with God but ego doesn't like God.

The ego is an endless circus and an endless clown show that will suck you dry of your life force. Because when you are in ego, you aren't in alignment with Infinite Source. So that's why the ego tries to grab external sources to feed itself.

Ego tries to make you look to the outside first and then makes you believe that whatever it lays its eyes on this, is the thing you so-called need, to make you feel loved or satisfied.

Ego will ask you to watch the news, drink, party, cheat, smoke, indulge into sex with soulmates who are not made for you and where you deplete yourself even more.

Whereas Love and being with God and your True Self and Christ's consciousness within yourself is calling you to align and harmonize with the Divine and to keep all your energies for yourself and the Divine within yourself. And to only flow where and how the Divine truth and logic reason in your consciousness and the Love and peace in your heart wants to flow and is inviting you to flow as one with your True Self's identity which is found in the soul and the heart. This alone will free you from that endless loop of misaligned ego-based desires from the mind.

And by being in your heart and choosing to love yourself infinitely and unconditionally within first and giving yourself whatever you need in your heart, will you reconnect with the Divine and your True Self's essence. It will reconnect you back into the Divine order which is soul and heart first. Then allowing the soul and the Love, light, truth and power of the soul to direct the mind. And to give the mind positive food in the form of positive thoughts and ideas that are in alignment with the Divine and your full Twin Flame Union. And only then will follow Divinely inspired, loving, truthful, aligned action. It will make you become your True Self. Know what is truly for you and what is not. It helps you get to know your true self skills and talents. It helps you find your purpose. It helps you to see within the joined vision of God and your true self what is uniquely yours. And it helps you to be in the Truth of having it within, so that you attract it without. No more running. Just relaxing into God and being the true you. Along with what God has given you and will always and infinitely provide you with. But it will always look how God and your True Self will want it to look.his is how you free yourself from the illusion of suffering.

Suffering only was a symptom of the misalignment within your being. By believing in the lie of fear, by believing into the lie of neglect and abandonment, by believing that by you being in the physical that God so called left you, but none of this is true. You always have, had and will have God within you. God is your one and only true Mother and Father. God is your provider and caretaker. God and yourself are and will always be your one and only Love. There is only Love and infinite provision and care and you have that within first.

It is upon every individual to give to him or herself first within by loving yourself back into alignment with God and your True Self. And then allowing God to give you in the physical as well the infinite provision that resembles the good that God has placed in your soul and heart. But you need to point your ego and all your ego patterns, habits, thoughts, feelings and actions and use your will power to pull you back into Divine alignment and Divine order within yourself.

You probably ask yourself now. "That's good and all. But how do I reconnect myself? How do I pull myself back into alignment? How do I get out of that hamster wheel of ego?"

That's a very good question. You first have to unbecome what you thought you were or who you thought to be and be willing to accept and to see yourself in Love, to be Love and to let go of what you think you want and need and to go within your soul and heart and look at what God has placed there inside of you. This is where you find it all, including your Twin Flame who is the only man or woman you ever need or want.

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