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Dear one,

You deserve someone present. Someone who will not run and hide when the seas grow unsteady or the winds howl through the trees. A soul who won’t deflect your questions, or your feelings or guard against your wild heart. The one meant to stand beside you won’t play games when the time comes for action. You are not meant for connections that cause you to ache. You are meant for so much more.

You deserve someone who is actively committed to the evolution of your Union. Who maybe doesn’t always know the way forward, but is willing to walk through the fires beside you into the unknown.

Time is the most valuable currency we have. It is far too precious to spend it on someone who refuses to grow with you.It's not worth it, wasting your precious time and life force with someone who isn’t looking towards the same horizon as you.

You will see time and time again that if you settle for a soulmate that all the effort and the work you put into a soulmate relationship will always feel like coming short because sooner or later you will realize your differences with a soulmate.

It becomes so obvious that only two things can happen in a soulmate relationship. It fizzles out and you try to see if it works with a new soulmate, only to find out after a while that the problems remain the same. Attraction fades away in the soulmate relationship and you are off to square one again. The second thing that happens in soulmate relationships and that you see happening with soulmate couples who are at an older age that they just stay with each other, because they can not find the life force energy to start over again. So they settle, accept a mediocre relationship and change their personality so that it matches the other one so that there is a sense of respect and harmony in the relationship.

Don't you see by now that a soulmate relationship is keeping you running in the hamster wheel? Creating all kinds of misaligned beliefs about men and women and creating nothing other than pure misery within yourself and within your life. Imagine you poured so much time and effort into a soulmate relationship through the years. You have built a house, have kids, etc...To then find out that you were not so matching each other as you thought you were when you started the relationship. You see all this effort and hard work crumbling down like a sand castle because you realize that this soulmate is not what you seek. This way of searching for that perfect partner that you know exists is very exhausting, to say the least.

So maybe it's time to try it in another way. A better way that not only keeps you from leaking your time and life-force to meaningless relationships that were not meant for you in the first place. Maybe it's time to accept that this perfect man or woman you have within your heart and that you desire so much is out there for you. But you just till now did not know how to finally be with your dream man or dream woman that matches you 100%. The kind of woman or man that is not only your best friend but also your Ultimate Lover. The kind of man or woman who is attracted to you until eternity. The kind of man or woman whom you can build an eternal love story with that lasts even beyond the boundaries of life on earth. That's the kind of relationship that you deserve with your dream man and woman.

The one who is meant to stand beside you will actively seek to build a future with you. And will look at you like you are eternally the only one who exists in the entire multi-cosmos. In every breath and moment, they will show you that you are a priority, not an option. The woman or man that is only for you will support you in all your purposeful endeavors. You desire the same things, make the same choices at all times and spend an eternal romance together that you can deepen until eternity. The one that follows you wherever you go. The one where you can just be your full True Self with.

You deserve someone as committed to healing and expansion as you are.

Someone who knows that you both are perfect for each other in every way. Someone who sees the true you, even when you do not see it yet. We are here to evolve as children of the Divine together with our perfect eternal partner in our Sacred Unions.

We are here to go deep, to penetrate the skin that covers these bones and heal the wounds and misalignments that keep us from

that great love. We are not here to hide or play games, we are here to open up to Love, to receive, and to surrender to the Divine and our Ultimate Lover.

Surrender the beliefs of the past, the shields that we once hid behind. To love is to resolve, to expand, and to evolve. To reach for an unknown shore, together.~

This is the kind of love that you deserve. And you can only have that kind of Love with your Twin Flame. You always only wanted and want your Twin Flame. The soulmate relationships you had were only there because they had one or two aspects of your Twin Flame. Don’t you want to end that settling for good? That path to exhaustion? Don’t you want to finally be together with your dream partner that has all the character traits your dream man or woman has?

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