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Why you should invest in yourself over and over again to reach your Harmonious Twin Flame Union!

Do you know that you are your greatest asset in your life and your Twin Flame journey?

This is something that is often forgotten already during childhood. Most people live for others, to make others around them happy to then hope that they get loved back in return.

What often happens already as a child is that you get so conditioned to please the expectations of mommy and daddy, grandparents, teachers, sports coaches, music teachers, etc. You are programmed to perform in a way so that you can keep up with the expectations of the adult figures around you. You already got shaped and molded in childhood, in kindergarten, in elementary school, and in high school to act like others want you to act because that’s how society still is today.

They see everyone as the same, treat everyone the same, and expect of everyone the same. But they never look at who the individual is before them. They never look at your individual talents interests and skills. You just need to walk to the beat of the drum.

And if you have that programming. Then no wonder that by the time you are an adult that you completely do not know who you are anymore. And that you just drift through life and the drum that society, your boss, your children, your family, the government, etc ask from you.

In this state, you often do things that are completely out of alignment with your True Self. You tend to go to bars more, to drink, to party, or to have other addictions. Just to cope with the illusionary idea that this is how life is. The only reason why you keep drifting through life like a zombie is because in childhood your childlike wonder, creativity, and unique talents and skills got suppressed to shape and mold you into what society wants from you.

You don’t know anymore who the true you really is because you needed to be someone who you are not. So no wonder so many teenagers party, do drugs, drink alcohol, smoke, inappropriately share their sexuality, or leak it away.

This is all a symptom of the root cause of not being allowed to be your True Self and be treated uniquely. This is not to blame the people or systems around you. This is not to create a rebellion against the system. This truth is just to open your eyes that it can be different. And that difference can start now!

Of course, there are general rules in society that are necessary to live as peacefully as possible together. But you have the power to change your life. As a child, you naturally dream about that dream man or wife in your heart and your life together. You see it brightly and clearly and oftentimes that is forgotten or suppressed by the demands of society and that’s often the reason why people only find out later in life who they truly are and that they have a Twin Flame.

A lot of people have probably already met their Twin Flame without knowing it. The only reason why they are not yet together is because they suppressed their True Self for so long and think they just need to keep living like they always did. We are here to burst that illusionary bubble because there is a way to end this suffering.

There is a way to finally get to know the true you who is buried underneath all of that ego-based social programming. There is a way to be with your Twin Flame and to live your Heaven on Earth together in a way that feels good to you as a unique individual. There is a way to live a life that is uniquely tailor-made for you and where your unique skills and talents fit in nicely.

Where the hustlers' mentality makes room for the easy flow mentality. No more performance

or stress, just simply being the True you and flowing with ease. What comes easier than being the True You and sharing your skills and talents with the world in the form of service and being paid for that?

That is why the Twin Flame journey is the most beautiful and most important one because you get to remove all the fake social programming and get to know the True You. Because to be with your Twin Flame in a loving committed romantic relationship, you are required to be the True You how the Divine created you to be.

So the title of this blog post says why it’s so important to invest in yourself over and over again to be with your Twin Flame?

The simple reason for this is that you need to heal the misalignments, wounds, and blocks that got formed by having given your power away to all this ego-based programming. And how you do that? By investing in yourself with the currency of Love and light. You need to show up for yourself daily to love away all your wounds and blocks and to allow your True Self to resurface and rise like a phoenix first internally and then through inspired action on the outside.

You need to let go of who you thought you were and reinvent yourself daily. The titles and your status in society doesn’t mean anything to your True Self. Your True Self just wants to be loved and loved where the Divine is guiding it in its unique way. Very simple. Not complicated.

If you have read this far, then you probably ask how can I do this?

How do I become my True Self? There is no better way that we know of than to reach that inner and outer state of the Harmonious Union with your full True self and your Twin Flame than through applying the Teachings of the Union by Jeff and Shaleia.

It's critical to know how to apply the Teachings of Union properly for you to heal the core blocks and wounds that keep you and your Twin Flame from being attracted to each other. If you finally want to know how to heal all the underlying blocks and root causes of why your Twin Flame is ignoring you and not attracted to you, so that you can finally start magnetizing your Twin Flame in a way to makes it impossible for him or her to stay away from you or keep their hands off you and to finally have that deep devoted romantic relationship that you always dreamt of, then click the link below to find out how we can help you solve the issue of your Twin Flame not being attracted to you.

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