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Why your Twin Flame is actually waiting for you right now!

We understand you completely. You are most likely already for quite some time desiring to be with your Twin Flame. So that you finally can live that dream life together that you have craved for so long.

You have maybe tried it all to get him or her to finally come to you and yet nothing is happening. This makes you most likely frustrated. And a lot of people would give up. But not you. You are a winner. You have the willpower of millions to will it through. You are in it to win it. And you pick yourself up time and time again and keep going with fresh courage.

However, this is in most cases a very good attitude that will bring you very far towards success on your Twin Flame journey.

We understand that you want to be as fast as possible with your Twin Flame and that you want to do your inner healing work with the Mirror Exercise as much as possible to achieve your dream.

But what if we told you that you are trying to do too much and that that is what is hurting the results of your Twin Flame journey?

What if we told you that finding the perfect balance in a proper way is crucial in magnetizing your Twin Flame to you?

What if we told you that by you chasing him or her and trying to get a response from him or her you are actually pushing them away from you?

We get it, you meant it all well. But your Twin Flame is not something that you just go and grab. And if you go to the deeper esoteric Truth that for example you go to a supermarket and so-called get yourself some food. That there first was a whole spiritual process going on within you even way before you went to the supermarket and bought that food.

So trying to grab something is ego behavior. Before you even can have something in your reality, it starts internally first.

If you desire to be with your Twin Flame. Then the go-getter energy can do more harm than good.

What you do want to have is actual balance. A balance between internal spiritual healing works to resolve all your upsets and blocks that keep you and your Twin Flame from being together and then after the healing, you can take peaceful, inspired action. It's not about just doing the inner healing work and then just hanging back and waiting for your Twin Flame. And it's also not going out there and trying to make him or her come to you and love you. Both of these examples are extremes and you want balance. God is never in extremes. So it's about alignment and balance. Knowing when to relax and surrender and knowing when to act on inspired loving action.

So everywhere you are just lying back and waiting for something to happen, there you still have a misalignment and are not fully cooperating with the Divine. And everywhere where you are pushing, you need healing and realigning as well.

You might ask yourself now but why is my Twin Flame waiting for me as the title of this post says?

Your Twin Flame is just mirroring what you are doing. So, if you are waiting then he or she waits as well. If you are running then he or she will run as well. Your Twin Flame is waiting for you to finally heal the blocks within yourself that make you go into these two extremes. They are waiting for you to come into balance again.

And there is no better way to reach that inner and outer state of the Harmonious Twin Flame Union than through applying the Teachings of the Union by Jeff and Shaleia.

It's critical to know how to apply the Teachings of Union properly for you to heal the core blocks and wounds that keep you and your Twin Flame from being attracted to each other.

If you finally want to know how to heal all the underlying blocks and root causes of why your Twin Flame is ignoring you and not attracted to you, So that you finally start magnetizing your Twin Flame in a way to makes it impossible for him or her to stay away from you or keep their hands off you, and have that deep devoted romantic relationship that you always dreamt of, then click the link below to find out how we can help you solve the issue of your Twin Flame not being attracted to you.

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