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"An amazing session with kind, inspiring coaches. They created a very nurturing and safe space for me to heal through many blocks, keeping me from loving myself, God, and my twin flame. They helped me move from fear, anxiety, and a need to control, to experiencing joy, trust, and peace. I will absolutely be working with them again!"


"Stijn & Johanna was together during this session with me & wow what a session! They were always pointing myself to my feelings & were very compassionate with me. Always pointed me straight to the Mirror Exercise. I told them some of my blocks that I had regarding to self, my eating habits & lifestyle. Stijn helped me recognize the possible core block of what I’ve been experiencing for so many years!! His perspective actually helped me out tremendously as I’ve never really thought of it that way before! Johanna had a very sweet presence about her & was soothing & calm towards me. It was very powerful & beautiful session, they both were loving towards me & didn’t push me into being uncomfortable of the deeper feelings that were there. They helped me bring back my power of choice & how I have been thinking on investing into MAP to heal this completely. They were encouraging & on point with the work. I would definitely recommend them to students to come & I would love to do another session with them again in the near future!! They were very attentive towards my healing & how I was feeling. I felt more powerful & at peace at the end of our session. It felt so good to just let go & trust God."


"I did a healing coaching session with Stijn and Johanna. They were both wonderful, very calm, and soothing energies while we did our session. I really didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly and happily surprised. We discussed some of the issues I've known about and some I didn't. They coached and walked me through the process, explained the mirror exercise, and helped me realize that I am the only one making my healing process hard. They helped me understand I can accept, feel, and then let go with as much ease as I want. I don't have to make the process hard for myself. I loved every minute of the session with them both. I even cried some, because I felt scared and then sudden relief. They let me know they pulled some tarot for me before we spoke and the cards were all the issues and clearing we spoke about in our session. I would definitely do another session with them, it was amazing and

I felt calm and happy afterward."


"I just had a session with Stijn and Johanna and I had a really good time with them. It was wonderful working with them and I could feel deep layers being healed. Their presence was very calm loving and peaceful. They even gave me extra time and pulled out cards for me which was really nice of them to do. I’d definitely love to work with them again soon. I felt really connected to them and loved the session."


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