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Twin Flames! Do you choose Heaven or Hell?

How many times in life did you think that you never would move past certain challenges?

And how many times did you come out of the challenge with more love, stronger, and wiser than before?

It's only ever your choice of trust in God and yourself that makes you move through the challenge smoothly.

If you choose fear and shy away. Then you will never grow. You will stay stuck in the same place wherever you choose fear.

But if you choose love, faith, courage, and persistence. Knowing that you are supported for eternity by God. Then the only thing you can do is succeed. No matter what is happening right now. You have what it takes!!!

All the tools are here to help you reach what you truly desire.

The only thing that needs to happen is to choose love faith and courage. And stick to that choice while moving forward no matter what.

What do you choose? Fear, shying away, staying stuck, and watching others succeed through applying the teachings of Union?


You can choose love, faith, courage, and trust in God and yourself. And go for your dreams of being with your Twin Flame and living your best life together. In the knowingness that the teachings of Union are working and giving miraculous results for people on their Twin Flame journey. And that when others can have it, you can have it with your own Twin Flame as well.

Which choice will you make?

Consistent love, faith, trust, and courage along with applying all the tools available to you to reach success with your Twin Flame?

Or fear, in the knowingness that when you keep choosing fear you will not grow, you will not reach your dream life with your Twin Flame. And you will look back years from now. And seeing that nothing changed.

Love expands and propels you into your dream life and Heaven on Earth!

Fear keeps you small, stuck, boxed in, and it will keep you from reaching your dream life with your Twin Flame.

No matter which one you choose. Both choices will ask for a full commitment.

The only difference is, that if you choose love, faith, trust, and courage. You will notice that you will flow easily through the challenges. Because you walk in your Heavenly state. And

the only result you can get from that is more love and only good. The choice of love will energize you and propel you into your dream life with your Twin Flame!

The choice of fear is also a full commitment. But it will command more and more of your energy. It will drain and suck you dry. That voice of fear will come up with more and more excuses to keep you from moving into love. Once you choose fear, then it will keep you low. And give you a fake promise of safety. Fear is not safe. It steals from you without you realizing it. It takes from you. You get or gain nothing when you choose fear. Choosing fear is more than a full-time job. It's choosing a self-created hell.

Choosing love is also a full-time commitment. But it feels light, loving, joyous, and easy. You will feel empowered. And will be guided into more and more Heaven.

In Heaven and your Heavenly state of love, you find and have everything. In an illusionary self-created hell and a state of fear, you will have nothing. Which choice will you make today?Love and Heaven? Or illusionary fear and hell?

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