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When you heal your life, you heal your Twin Flame Union. - Jeff and Shaleia

No matter what you heal along the Twin Flame journey. Whatever block, upset, tricker, or anxiety may it be, it’s always for your highest good and sets a ripple effect and positive impact for your whole life. 

I know it can seem sometimes like the upsets seem to keep coming, and the challenges seem to never end, but guess what? You desired an upgrade. You desired your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and claimed it in your heart. Guess what? You are so powerful that everything sets into motion the moment you decide something. It’s upon us then to face the challenges that come with it and that is the way to our dream and where we want to go. 

Only by facing our challenges, working through our blocks head-on, embracing the uncomfortable, and working through the process do we transcend the current situation and attain our dreams. 

Your dream requires work, internal work as well as external work to bring the full manifestation into fruition. It’s always both inner and outer. 

Many of us, myself included shied away from these difficulties but I promise you that shying away is not the solution. Only by approaching your challenge, facing the situation, and working the spiritual holistic process, do we transcend the current and go to a higher way of being. 

So, what will you do? When the going gets tough? When quitting seems the easiest option? Are you going to quit on yourself and your dream? Or are you going to persist and prove to yourself that you can do it? Which one will you choose? The choice of your dream or the choice of regret by not following through the scientific spiritual process towards your dream? What will you decide? 

This choice is yours to answer and yours to uphold because remember only you can make your dreams come through.

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