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A note on healthy relationships

Whenever anyone tries to just get something from you are they really interested in you or in having a relationship with you?

A relationship must be a two-way relationship otherwhise it’s not healthy.

Another important part of a healthy relationship is respect and gratitude.

Without true respect and gratitude for the relationship is it really a relationship?

You don’t want anyone in your life who is not sincerely loving you but rather just want your goodie to then run off from you.

It’s important to stay present with any relationship you have and see what’s the intention and purpose for them to be in front of you.

It’s important to find out the Truth.

Are they here to love me? Or are they here to take from me or to use me?

Do theses relationships feel balanced and good?

If not, what can you do, to feel better about these relationships?

A throughout assessment is important and for you to then take the measurements after you have done the Mirror Exercise about that situation.

As you heal from within and follow through with your healing externally as well, any relationship where there is even just a little bit of ego needs to resolved and the relationship needs to step up in order to be maintained.

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