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Are you ready to look into the Mirror? 

That’s exactly what is required of you as you embark on the Twin Flame journey. 

Will you take responsibility for your own healing? 

Will you take responsibility for your life? And your part in it? 

Will you love yourself through every challenge with the help of the Mirror Exercise? 

Will you look within and heal any area where you don’t feel peace or Love? 

Will you change or heal yourself and align yourself to Love if that is what is required of you? 

Will you do everything you can to align yourself and your life with Love? To the highest vibration possible…

You will know in your heart your answers but in fact, the Twin Flame journey requires you to be very humble and very honest with yourself. What will you do? 

Nobody will carry you to your Twin Flame or the walking for you, either you do, or life will just keep moving forward. 

So what will you do for yourself and your Union? 

The choice is only ever eternally yours. 

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The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia you find here:


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