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Divine satisfaction

There is a saying if you give someone a fish to eat then he has food for one day. If you learn that person how to fish, and how to provide for himself then he has eternally food on the table.

If you listen to ego and fear and run after what you think you want, then you might have a false sense of satisfaction once you have what you want.

But if you love yourself every day and listen to God and follow God’s way, then you will be abundantly provided with infinite Divine satisfaction.

Don't settle for what ego says and don't live from your urges.

Instead do the inner work daily to love yourself more and bring and keep yourself into a state of love and peace with yourself. And you will see that you will attract daily miracles.

It might not come in the way that you wanted it but it will feel more than satisfying. It will feel fulfilling and blissful and you can be rest assured that this way you get to keep it forever when you lovingly maintain and add more Divine good to it.

Choose eternal Divine satisfaction.

Choose God’s way and you will be surprised how wonderful every day is.

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