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Do you know the way to your good, Twin Flames?

First things first.

As the Teachings of Union teach us, the inner creates the outer and so everything that you have in your life right now is currently still an energetic match to you.

That means, to not be anymore an energetic match to certain things and to raise your energy to more of the good you desire, work needs to happen.

What do I mean by that, “work”?

This means you need to not only shift your internal vibration (energy) within you, and the best way to do this is by applying the Teachings of Union into your life, but also doing the external work required, from a Divinely inspired place.

Combining both internal (spiritual/emotional healing work) and external (physical work) is the full operational system for your good.

But wait, what about the GPS?

What about which direction to go or what to do first?

‘How shall I know this? you might ask.

It’s your lucky day, you have inherently an internal guidance system within you.

A personal compass, an all-knowing station, you can attune yourself to.

What do I mean by that?

Source, the Universe, that higher Power is your guide and directory on where you are supposed to flow.

Life/Source/the Universe wants to flow with you?

At some times in a day, you might feel called to do inner work, then outer work, then this, then that... there is a Divine flow.

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