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How do I deal with Autism on my Twin Flame journey?

Autism is a label that is given to different people. People with autism operate differently and their brain is differently wired. They are unique and perfect - just like every person is unique and perfect.

Autism is more about being hyper-sensitive and getting to know how to live life on Earth with that hypersensitivity. These people are as highly intelligent as anyone else and it’s good to see this hypersensitivity as a gift. Meaning that once you get to know how to master this hypersensitivity then it can provide you many favours in your life on a holistic level.

Autism is mostly paired with hypersensitivity to everything that goes on around you. You process everything way more intensely and notice all the details around you that can become overwhelming if you don’t know how to deal with this. This translates into sensitivity to noises, lights, even the sound of hearing someone eat, noises of cars, crowded cities, specific words, etc.

There are moments of overwhelm, stress, and mood swings. We all are in some way or some form sensitive. But if you have autism, then it's very important to know how to deal with it and treat it because autistic people feel that they could never be themselves. They often find themselves copying behaviors etc. because they feel they can not be their True Selves in this society.

This also goes paired with angry outbursts and sometimes even aggression because of the suppressed emotions of not being able to be their True Selves. They most likely can not understand themselves in this society. Since society wants to treat every individual the same and puts the same standards on everyone. And when you don't produce what society sees as adequate then they give people a label when there are cases like autism or any other form of mental issue. The root cause of autism is mostly an underlying root cause of feeling the pressure to keep up and not being able to be yourself or not feeling able to do things at a pace that feels good to you.

Having Autism is an opportunity for you and your Twin Flame to get to know the True You. Ask yourself and your Twin Flame if you both feel like you are living a life that is truly you. Or do you feel the pressure to perform and reach super success and riches that measure up with society's ideals or with society's idea of what true success is?

Ask yourself, what is more important? That I love my True Self unconditionally and live a life that is true to the True Me? Does my life align with what my true unique Self sees as successful? Or do I rather want to keep trying to fit into society’s idea of success and not being able to be or show the True Me?

Remember, everyone is unique. Autism or any mental issue is more an opportunity to finally heal that depression, and underneath that depression is a part that feels that all this time it needed to live up to the world and other people's standards, desires, ideals, etc.

It's an opportunity to let the fake Self go and drop the false identity, mask, and costume that you have worn for so long and allow the true sensitive, powerful, Divine, loving Self to arise. Knowing that you create your reality that you are here to be you and that you and your Twin Flame are here to stand out and be unique!

There are numerous ways to support yourself and your Twin Flame in case of dealing with Autism. The best way we have found to support yourself on your journey towards Harmonious Twin Flame Union and becoming the True You, is through the Teachings of Union!

The Teachings of Union help you to strip away all illusions within and help you to become the True You. So that you can stand strong in who you are. It’s the only Teaching that we know, that helps you not only to heal all blocks and misalignments of your holistic being but at the same time helps you to magnetize your Twin Flame and live your Heaven on Earth together as the True You.

If you are interested in getting to know more or wanting to claim more support for you and your Twin Flame?

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