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How the Divine Feminine can end her waiting stage on her Twin Flame journey!

This post is for all the Divine Feminines out there who are patiently waiting until their Divine Masculine comes home.

We have seen and heard it happen a lot. When we hear Divine Feminines on their Twin Flame journey complaining that they do all the inner healing work and their Divine Masculine is still showing no signs of coming home to her.

This creates an upset in the very engaged Divine Feminine because she consistently does her hardest to do whatever she can to make her Divine Masculine come home.

But what truly happens here and what is playing out in the joined Twin Flame consciousness? Is that the Divine Masculine is showing the Divine Feminine the deep Father wound that a lot of females walk around with?

Don't misunderstand me, because of course men and young boys have upsets surrounding the Father figure just as much as both girls and women as well and boys and men have upsets with the Mother figure as well. But often times the upsets look slightly different if you compare the Mother or Father upset that men or women have. What happens a lot with young girls is that their biological Father is very absent in their upbringing. Either he is a lot at work or they experienced an emotionally unavailable father, or that he is very charismatic and authoritative. Boys and men also experience some similar upsets with their mother or Father. However, the processing and the impact are different.

Young girls or young women from a very young age seek shelter and confidence and the approving presence of the Father figure in their upbringing to feel safe. But when the young girl or the female experiences an absent Father figure, then this is causing a deep wound within the child. Where the child misses the presence, guidance, approval, emotional availability, and investment of the Divine Masculine. What you often see is that girls wait until daddy is home to then try in every way possible way to gain his attention, presence, and guiding hand. Either through showing him her drawings or whatever the girl is proud of. She needs that confirmation, validation, presence, guidance and safety from the Divine Masculine Father to feel safe, to open up and to express herself in her unique way. Of course, this is the same for boys. But boys will oftentimes actively seek the attention of the Mother figure. But that is for another topic in another blog post, as this post is specific for the Divine Feminine.

But when the Father figure works a lot and is not much at home, which happens a lot, and is also emotionally unavailable when he comes home since he is probably tired from a long day at work, the little girl or teenage girl develops a deep, painful wound where she finds herself in an eternal waiting stage. Simply because she heard or saw or even felt it from her Father figure when she wanted his presence, attention but he had no time or was tired etc. So the girl or woman feels that deep wound of being rejected and not wanted by the Father figure and starts to develop a pleasing pattern. She tries her hardest in all areas to gain the attention of her Father.

When the girl grows older, as a teenager, her interest in adult life and boys and relationships starts to awaken and her pleasing pattern towards her Father still didn't satisfy her deep inner wound of rejection and abandonment. Then the focus of the young woman often changes towards getting the attention and approval of men until she finds someone who stays with her, to finally feel that approval of the Divine Masculine that she is safe, loved, and desired so that she can flourish and open up in her Love and creativity.

These females then also get ignored and rejected by Soulmates or go on a couple of breakups with Soulmates before they know anything about Twin Flames ( their one true love) and the Teachings of Union. Then this often creates a cocktail of deep hurt and anger towards the Divine Father figure and the Divine Masculine where she feels even more rejected and feels like she is on the string of the Divine Masculine and in some sort of waiting stage. This creates an upset and resistance towards the Masculine. And when the female then awakens to the Twin Flame journey, then all of these hurt places and blocks are brought up to the surface by her Twin Flame. Who is her only eternal Love and Divine Masculine perfectly created for her by God?

Once the Feminine is awakening to the fact that she has that eternal One True Love (because she has always felt it in her heart), starts the Twin Flame journey, finds out the Teachings of Union (that are the solution to her Twin Flame Union), then this deep inner wound that she developed as a child comes up to the surface to be healed. Oftentimes this is in the form of their Divine Masculine not giving her any attention or not wanting to be with her and her Divine Masculine Twin Flame can not come to her because she developed throughout her life deep wounds with her Father figure and with men.

So the trap that a lot of Divine Feminines fall into when they are spiritually awakening, or are on their Twin Flame journey that they start applying the Teachings of Union to finally get the attention and approval from their Divine Masculine Twin Flame. But the problem is that this causes a block in your Twin Flame Union, simply because your Twin Flame is not your Source. The whole reason why you apply the Teachings of Union is not to get your Twin Flame. Of course, this is a desired side effect but you should be all in for yourself, all in to love yourself and all in for Love.

The problem is that way too many Divine Feminines fall into the trap of applying the Teachings of Union just to get the result and as we see and hear often, they apply the Teachings but point the finger towards the Divine Masculine who is not changing. While in Truth, it is they who are resistant in accepting that it's not only applying the Teachings of Union and surrendering to the Divine or so-called Divine timing.

Divine timing is disbelief. As the Divine or God is always a now God. You will receive what you have in your heart if you clear all the internal resistance towards having it. The only thing that exists in the Universe is energy and order. There is an order in which energy flows. So yes, your desires come in some way - order, but to not stand in the way of your Twin Flame Union. You must act and be in alignment with your Twin Flame Union on the inside and resolve the core blocks that keep you from having it.

Pointing the finger at your man is not going to bring you closer. We understand that you have feelings and you need to feel them, but you must be willing to go to the deepest places within yourself where you feel the most hurt, where you feel afraid of men, where you feel abandoned or disappointed. If you keep resisting these places, then your Divine Masculine will keep resisting you because you are one being.

So it's not only about loving yourself and romancing yourself and waiting until he comes. Because this way you will wait a long time.

But if you are willing to go very deep, to heal masculine wounds and traumas, too bring Love and Truth there, to be honest with yourself, to admit that you feel hurt, vulnerable and that you are afraid that he will do what those other men did - that's okay to feel, that's okay to work through. But also realize that your Twin Flame is you, he makes the same choices as you. So it's safe to only accept God’s Truth about yourself and him in your consciousness and to indeed surrender the process to the Divine.

But to be willing to let that old programming go where it's said that the man comes rescuing you on his horse and brings you home. This is the kind of disbelief that some feminists have because of society's programming and the Truth is that your Divine Masculine will stay far away from you if you expect him to come and be your savior and provider because he is not. He is you, and he does you a great favor by not showing up on your doorstep as long as you are not learning who has to step up for you and who has to take care of you. This might sound hard but if you are still reading up to this point that means that you want nothing but the Truth. And that is exactly what you receive when you follow the Teachings of Union and our posts.

You want the Truth. The only problem is that you are scared of the Truth but there is no need to be scared because the Truth is empowering. The Truth sets you free. The Truth helps you to see clearly and make clear decisions that steer your life toward where you want it to go.

The Truth is that you will have to let go of that old programming where you thought that your prince charming would just come to you if you acted or dressed a certain way, that's not how it works with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame loves you perfectly right now and shows you where to change and love yourself.

So you will have to learn how to resolve those programs and misbeliefs within yourself, to know who your Source is, to learn to value yourself, to learn what true Love is, to see that your Twin Flame loves you perfectly and to be willing to not only heal internally but to also be willing to take divine-inspired action after you have healed. Healing and applying the Teachings of Union without taking the next action step, is like trying to drive a car without gas in. You sit in the car ready to go to your destination, you feel good about yourself and the destination, but you have no clue why the car is not moving forward and you are just waiting until someone comes by and tells you why the car is not moving forward.

This is the exact kind of procrastination that is damaging your confidence as a woman and it self-sabotages you in a way that you are waiting only on yourself.

Of course, there is support for you. We will guide you every step of the way in your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond and the Divine and the Teachings Union are supporting you as well, but you have to be willing to become your own best cheerleader. You will have to learn who your Source is and have to be willing to take inspired action even if it scares you. We, and the whole Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia are here to help you every step of the way. You are not alone.

But the question you have to ask yourself is:

Am I there for myself as well?

Am I willing to take inspired action?

To take the first step if necessary?

To be willing to accept the reached-out hand of Stijn and Johanna and the Teachings of Union?

And am I willingto do whatever it takes?

That's the kind of positive attitude that brings you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union andwe can help you reach that for yourself based on the foundation of the Teaching of Union by Jeff and Shaleia.

Are you willing to leave the misery of separation and pain behind?

And allow us help you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and take our reached out hand?

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