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How to be truly confident in yourself to attract and be with your Twin Flame!

You probably recognize it, right? You see people in this world who are very successful. You see men and women who according to society have the looks, the talent, the love, the money, status, success, the career, etc.

Everyone seems to like these men and women and doors just seem to fly open for them.

People seem to carry these people on their hands and hold them high in the sky. They are being idolized and it triggers you because when you look at them. You see how different they are than you. And you start questioning yourself. What is it that they have and I don't?

This is where a lot of people fall into the trap of comparison and ego.

In this physical material world, everything is only about perceived value. Sadly enough, we still live in a world where people are held to a bar of what is viewed as beautiful and valuable, and when you don't reach that then you get less attention or are even canceled. Society still wants everyone to be the same and be able to do what they perceive as valuable. The media keeps up this game of what is perceived as valuable and beautiful and what is not.

It's mostly about what clothes you wear, which brands you buy, which car you drive, how much money you earn, whether you wear make-up or not, which skills you have that turn into more material wealth and status, etc.

This causes a lot of pressure on both men and women to try to become like those successful men and women that society and the media praise so highly.

It's causing unnecessary trauma and stress in both young children as well as adults. It's causing mental and emotional imbalances because it's pulling you further and further away from your soul essence and your heart. Basically from the Truth that is within you which is that God created you perfect. God created you unique, skilled, talented, and beautiful!

No matter what clothes you wear, no matter if your body is different, no matter which skin color, no matter which background, no matter how rich your parents are, no matter if you went to college, no matter which job you have, no matter what status you have in this material world, God loves you and sees you as perfect and nobody is above God’s Truth and vision.

We understand that if you look at yourself through the lens of the ego-based perception the world wants you to look at yourself, then it will be very painful because you compare yourself to other children or other men and women who seemingly seem to reach the standards and bars of the media and the ego-based perception of society of what they say is attractive, valuable, and beautiful.

But if you only could learn how to not tap into those lies that are spread around you everywhere. If you could learn how to not care about what the world, the media, or society thinks of you, or what their perception of beauty and what valuable is, but instead to only care about what God and you think about yourself and what God and you find beautiful and valuable... How would that feel to you?

Don't you think you would be able to relax more into who you are?

God didn't create everyone to be the same.

God didn't create everyone with the same skills or talents.

God created everyone unique, with unique talents, looks, and unique good that fits nicely with their unique True Self.

You might look at people who are successful and think about yourself "Why am I not as successful as them?"

Well, maybe you have different skills and a completely different soul design and are trying to be like the other famous person. That is exactly what is blocking your success.

Success doesn't always look the same for everyone. For some people, it means billions of dollars and millions of followers. For others, it means completely something else.

It's not about trying to become the next Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Oprah Winfrey, or another famous movie star, actor, or actress, it's about being your true, unique, natural, beautiful self.

Find out which unique talents you have!

What God and you find beautiful and valuable! That is what true beauty and value are! When it's unique and tailor-made to the uniqueness that every person is.

If you knew who created you and who is within you and walks with you every split second, then you would not be afraid, stressed, or worried at all. You would never compare yourself because you would know exactly that God already gave you everything.

It's just on you to be you. To be your unique Self.

The Ascension journey is a journey of coming closer to God and yourself, to have a real relationship with your Creator, with yourself, and with God in life itself, to live a surrendered and obedient life to Mother Father God because God knows everything way better than we know.

God created us all perfect and unique and has created a unique and specific good for every individual that makes each of his children complete, happy, and joyous.

If you understand who you truly are who your True Self is and what your true core values are, then you understand who God is for you and within you.

And what God has only for you in the form of romance and love and infinite, unique good within you and in your relationship with your full being which is God, you, and your Twin Flame. With God, there is no need for fear, stress, or worry. With God, you have infinite good, tailor-made for your unique Divine Self that includes your true Twin Flame and much more.

This journey is about God, self-love, and letting God show you every day who you truly are and what it exactly is that makes your True Self's heart sing in love and peace.

If you want to learn how to completely become confident in who you truly are, love yourself for the unique person that you are, and attract your true Twin Flame which is your one true love in the process to you, then you arrived here in the right place. The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia bring you all of this and way more.

We can show you the way to become truly confident in yourself for who you truly are and how to get to know your True Self.

How to design your life that matches your True Self, so, that you can walk confident in who you are and magnetize in the process your true Twin Flame to you, so, that you and your Twin Flame can live your unique Heaven on Earth together?

No more comparing yourself to others, no more lacking of self-esteem, no more trying to become friends with the so-called popular people to get accepted.

Finally, a life that feels good.

A life that feels authentic.

A life that has your True Self's signature on it.

A life where you can stay true to your unique Divine Self and where you can be together with your true Twin Flame and live your Heaven on Earth and what abundance and beauty are for you.

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Written by Stijn Van Gestel


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