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Love or Ego?

Every day you might see news… weird stories, people doing weird things, unloving things like screwing people over, scamming people, hiding the real Truth, etc.

I used to get very upset about these things till I found the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia and the deeper lessons for me here.

I don’t need to leak any of my energy towards insanity. I can just ignore it. I don’t even need to understand insanity, how could you? You can not.

Any sane person can not follow ego’s agenda because its agenda is insane. It’s not rooted in Love, only in destruction, chaos, oppression, denial, lies, fake news, fake stories, control, fear, terror…

It brought me great relief once I understood that I could clear my life out of any ego and be okay with whatever journey other people have. I have boundaries towards ego because that is what is appropriate to have.

Ego doesn’t deserve any support or Love simply because it isn’t real and I do not want to support any illusion that keeps people trapped in fear, misery, and anything not of Love.

I choose Love. I choose Peace and stand with Peace that’s all I ever want to do and that’s all I need to do. My part. My salvation and I am already saved because only Love and Heaven are real.

I rest in Peace and in Love. That’s my Heaven. My Heaven within and that’s all I ever need and choose to engage with, Heaven. Nothing Else.

If you desire to learn as well how to have a strong sense of inner peace, Love, and the feeling of Heaven within, we do recommend with our whole hearts, the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia. The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia hold the key to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and you too deserve to have big amounts of Love and Peace, and your Ultimate Lover, your Twin Flame, in your life.

Through this page, you find access to the Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course by Jeff and Shaleia which we do recommend wholeheartedly.

By signing up for this powerful Free Course, we are also able to give you a 50% reduction to your first session with us.

In this Introductory Session, we teach you the Mirror Exercise, meet you where you are at, and see if we would be the right fit for creating a long-lasting coach-client relationship together.


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