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Peace is now!

On whom or what are you waiting?

By your refusal to look within, to feel your feelings, and to truly love yourself, you are delaying your peace.

Inner peace is the essence of your true being.

It is who you are.

It is the core vibration you should want to attune yourself to because from the vibration of inner peace all good things spring forth from. This includes your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Your inner peace is cultivated. It is not something that you grab on the outside but instead deeply cultivate from within. You do that with the help of the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia

Inner peace, truly, inner peace rebalances you, centers you, heals you, and sets the primary core foundation for a life of peace, joy, and your personal Heaven on Earth.

It is a myth that the outside world or other people should make us feel good. No. That way of thinking stems from fear, lack and control.

Nobody is responsible for our inner state of being, or our feelings, only, the individual himself, or herself is ever responsible for one’s own well-being.

It is each one of us our own individual responsibility to achieve, live in and expand our inner peace. Peace is the essence of who we are.

By claiming our inner peace with Source / Love / the Divine and by truly resolving all upsets within, so that nothing else is left than peace - That is the way and your primary foundation for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

You want peace. Inner peace. Independent of the outside. Free from all outward influences. Inner peace is that which remains with you. Every piece of deeper inner peace stays with you for eternity. You expand. You grow. You become richer. Rich in peace, love, strength, stability, abundance, and happiness, because all things sprout forth from one thing, inner peace.

Will you work today on your inner peace? Now that we know the importance of it?

If you desire more support on your Twin Flame Ascension journey and on expanding your inner peace, Stijn and or Johanna offer Ascension Coaching where all your upsets can come to a place of peace. With regular Ascension together with the spiritual foundation you need and that are the Teachings of Union (, you set yourself up for perfect success on your Twin Flame and Ascension journey all the way into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


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