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Stop scrolling and read this now to manifest your Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame!

Hey you! Yes, you there. The person who struggles on the Twin Flame journey. Stop scrolling and read this now to manifest your Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame!

It's not about the illusion of separation.

It's not about what he or she did to you.

It's not about the loneliness.

It's not about the illusion of fear.

It's not about hurt or sadness.

It's only ever about what you do with it and what you allow it to do with you.

If you choose to love yourself perfectly...

If you choose to be with the Divine and the Divine Truth about you...

If you choose to see only with the eyes of Truth and Divinity about you, your Twin Flame, and others...

As above so below!

You have a choice in every moment. Your choice is sovereign and powerful.

What do you choose?

Where do you choose to reside?

In the imperviousness of Love, Truth, Divinity, Harmonious Twin Flame Union, abundance, safety, security, infinite provision, and care you have with the Divine?


Illusionary fears of the illusionary ego?

Choose now. And choose wisely!

One feels good, exquisite, Divine, and Heavenly on all levels.

The other one promises you all kinds of things when you follow illusionary fear but the promise will never be fulfilled by ego or fear. It only keeps you in a loop of illusions.

Do you choose to invest your energy, feelings, thoughts, actions, and habits into the everlasting Truth of Heaven?

When you choose Love, Divinity, and Heaven only in each and every moment, then you will have and see the Truth.

The answer to your prayers is found in the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia and the Mirror Exercise. 😇💯

It's critical to know how to apply the Teachings of Union properly for you to heal the core blocks and wounds that keep you and your Twin Flame from being attracted to each other.

If you finally want to know how to heal all the underlying blocks and root causes of why your Twin Flame is ignoring you and not attracted to you, so you that you finally can start magnetizing your Twin Flame in a way to makes it impossible for him or her to stay away from you or keep their hands off you and finally have with them that deep devoted romantic relationship that you always dreamt of, then click the link below to find out how we can help you solve the issue of your Twin Flame not being attracted to you.

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