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We understand you completely. If you scroll and search through the internet you read all kinds of stuff or lies about Twin Flame relationships and how to reach your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You have tried them and seen them all. But today you are getting the real truth about the 8 pillars that are crucial for you to master to reach your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If you ask yourself, who are they to claim that they can tell me the Truth?

We are Stijn and Johanna. We are true Twin Flames in physical union and are happily married. We are both Certified Twin Flame and Life Purpose Ascension Coaches who are working together with TwinFlamesUniverse (

It is through both studying the Teachings of Union (Twin Flames Universe) and Jeff and Shaleia that we learned the complete Truth about Twin Flames, and how the Twin Flame relationship works.

We applied the Teachings of Union and methodology to ourselves consistently, and this is still what we do today together. This has allowed us to reach our Twin Flame Union faster than anyone could predict.

From the moment we came together in our Physical Union, we both felt a deeper calling from God to not only keep our success for ourselves but to start helping other people who are struggling on their Twin Flame journey and to assist people who desire to come together with their Twin Flame just like we did, and to help them through everything that is or might block them and their Twin Flame from being together.

We knew that if the methodology and Teachings of Union by Twin Flames Universe were working for us and many others then we could also guide and help other people to reach successfully their Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

We have helped already numerous people to reach individual success and successfully achieve their Twin Flame Union or Reunion. We saw everything working and still working now in our Twin Flame Union and marriage. So the advice you get from us in our blog posts or videos comes from real-life experience and evidence and pure Universal Truth and Unconditional Love by applying the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia.

In this blog post we will reveal to you why these specific 8 pillars are so important for you to reach your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We are going to break all these 8 pillars down into 8 different topics so that you understand the importance of them to reach your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We will break this whole topic about the 8 pillars for your Harmonious Union down into 8 parts. This is part 1 of the blog post about the 8 pillars for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. As you choose to implement and embody all the 8 pillars for an unstoppable Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will see yourself and your Twin Flame relationship flourish.


Honesty is very important, not only in all relationships but in every area of your life. But honesty is especially important in your relationship with your beloved Twin Flame.

It is not only important to get honest and clear about what you really desire in your life, but it is very crucial when it comes to your Twin Flame Union that you are very honest towards yourself and with your Twin Flame.

You want to come to a point where it is so natural for you to not only be able to clearly and honestly express your true feelings and opinion without judging yourself or your Twin Flame to yourself but also towards your Twin Flame.

You also want to ideally encourage your Twin Flame to do the same towards you without you judging her or him.

It is crucial in building an eternal lasting relationship of honesty.

Because it is only when you are truly expressing honestly your true feelings and opinion without judgment that you are embodying your True Self.

You and your Twin Flames True Selves never blame and never take what you or your Twin Flame feel or express personally.

It is only the illusionary ego that would feel attacked or hurt.

Remember that it is important to be honest with yourself and your Twin Flame because this opens up space for you both to clear and heal through the ego-based feelings and misaligned states of the ego such as anger, hatred, worry, blame, doubt, shame, hurt, pain, sadness, grief, fear, etc.

You can do all of this by applying the Mirror Exercise by Jeff and Shaleia. If you would like to know how this works, you can find a link here below.This link will send you to the Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory E-Course where you can find out how to apply the Teachings of Union. By signing up for this extremely powerful Course, you will receive a coupon within the Course that is sent to you via your email address, which gives you 50% off from your first 60 minutes Introductory Session with either Stijn or Johanna along with an extra free gift on top of it to jumpstart your road towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union =>


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