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The biggest block and upset that is blocking your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your infinite good! 

We understand you completely. You are tired. You may need to pick yourself up from time to time. Sometimes even literally scrape yourself off the floor, give yourself some pep talk to just keep going. There are maybe days that feel like it's all very hard. And it's hard for you to see any progress towards the materialization of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union or success in your Life Purpose or any other area of your life you desire to improve. 

You are trying it all and maybe your life seems like a big construction site right now and it feels even more like this if you start to look at other people around you and it makes you ask yourself. They don't seem to go through all of these construction projects that my life seems to go through and it makes you start to doubt yourself. It makes you worry or even become afraid by looking at others around you. You are not only doing yourself a huge disservice but you are sabotaging yourself by comparing yourself to others. 

You have all these big dreams and goals. You are working and desiring to come together with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Twin Flame Union and build your Heaven on Earth together. Yet your life looks like a construction site where the foundation needs to be built. The palace is laid out brick by brick. 

For some of you, it makes you impatient because you desire to have your Twin Flame, to live in your dream house together, to have your dream car, to have the dream Purpose with your Twin Flame, and to have abundance. 

A lot of people around you are not on their Twin Flame journey, and that's okay. Never compare yourself with anyone because you are unique. The Twin Flame journey is spiritual, mental, and emotional first. Before you can have the dream life the physical, the foundation and the bricks of your palace need to be laid, which is a synonym for your dream life with your Twin Flame. It is all about your healing and about dissolving your inner blocks towards having that Dream life with your Twin Flame. The inspired action always comes after the inner work. Yes, it seems to take way longer than you are used to but remember that you are building something that lasts for eternity. This is way different than what you see happening around you. When you start this journey then a lot of this physical world or how you used to do things will not align with you anymore. 

Twin Flames are a way of eternal Love and life. A lifestyle. A new way of being. Your perception of other relatives or friends who are not on this journey being successful and seemingly having it all together is wrong. Because they are not building something eternal. 

What you are doing is bringing the Truth of the Divine and your soul into the physical and that needs a big, strong, steady foundation. What's in your soul and heart is way bigger than the things you can ever imagine or try to create. It's about bringing all of you into expression into the physical. And not just about finding a steady job that you hate, buying a house, settling for a soulmate, and waiting until retirement. To then realize that they suppressed their entire life all the desires that the Divine and their soul had. They then realize that they used their own energies to create something in separation from the Divine and their True Self. This is why soulmate relationships will always fail. Whereas Twin Flames are each other's perfect dream wife or husband. Twin Flames ask from you nothing other than being the full loving, enlightened, complete Divine Self and healing yourself completely. 

Your Twin Flame journey is all about bringing the Truth of your full, Divine Masculine, and Feminine Self in a Harmonious Twin Flame Union with the Divine into the physical. It's about self-love, self-realization, and becoming the best version of yourself. This magnetizes your Twin Flame to you and this takes time and a whole lot of space. It's not a one-time thing. It's a daily, eternal commitment to the Divine and all of yourself. But no worries, if you choose to build your dream life with your Twin Flame, then you will find that the Divine overflows you with infinite energy and infinite Love, truth, and power to achieve the materialization of your highest expression of all of your True and full self in the physical. 

And this is where lots of people get discouraged or give up because it doesn't seem to go how they desire it to go. And it doesn't seem to go as fast as they want it to go. The Divine and your True Self already know what is in alignment with you and what feels juicy and good to you. And your True Self never settles. Your True Self is willing to pass up all the illusionary desires of the ego mind, to build what your soul and heart desires. This takes time, effort, willpower, faith, and bold courage to do something completely unheard of. 

Some people start to compare themselves to others because what their True Self wants to create is so out of this world. They get scared and ask themselves if it's not too high, too much, or too dreamy. Some even will give up and relapse into their old life of settling, a life of ego instead of a life of your True Self, a life that feels juicy, a life that feels like Heaven in the physical, where you are your full, True Self, where your Twin Flame shares the same vision as you and makes the same core choices as you, where you support each other and create the life of your soul and heart together forever into physical expression. 

Don't become discouraged when it doesn't look how you thought it needed to look. Remember to first build your inner world, to then also be able to bring it into physical materialization. Allow this flow for yourself, where you build your Divine life through inner healing and inspired action. Brick by brick. It's an eternal, unbreakable relationship, life, and palace. So keep going! Don't give up! No matter how it looks like. Keep moving forward with the highest vision of the Divine and your True Self!!! 

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