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The difference between settling for a Soulmate or ever deepening Love with your Twin Flame!

The world is still very much programmed to raise their children in a way so that the children do what society asks them to do and this without looking much internally to listen to who you are and what you want. The focus is more on how it looks on the outside and how accepted you are in society. Which results most of the time in finding a job, finding a partner, marrying that partner, having kids, etc...

Sounds like basic stuff right? But what if we told you that because the focus is so much on the outside people often forget to consult their heart, their soul, their True Self within! Society is so programmed to be outside and physically focused. Children often get programmed in a way that they leave their core values and desires to become what society tells them to be and to go hunt after what society or commercials say you should want and desire. Sometimes it is, even so, results and materialistically driven children often forget who they truly are or what they truly want in life. So what happens is often that people have learned to leave their inner selves to achieve that so-called materialistic picture of perfection.

This causes young boys and girls and even adults to consistently compare themselves with others who have so-called everything that society says you need to have to fit in or to be socially accepted.

As a result, you see more and more young boys and girls, teenagers and adults having signs of depression, burnout, and other mental problems because of the pressure that is put on children by society from a very young age and if this pressure is not properly treated or diagnosed, then this can grow into addictions in adult life.

That is why you see so many people seemingly having it all according to society's standards. But still not being happy. This programming always goes after the next thing that society says and is causing a wave of exhaustion in people. And because people never got taught in school how to honor their feelings, and their desires, to get to know who they truly are, what true love is, and how to value themselves, you oftentimes see people end up with a soulmate. And because they never learned how to be in tune with their true values, desires, and who they truly are, they end up with a soulmate partner and a life that looks like the perfect picture on the outside but if you truly look a bit deeper, then you see that the partners in the soulmate relationship are maybe matching one core value. But in all other areas, they are completely different. On the outside they look like the perfect couple, having the perfect life to society’s norms, but internally they are unhappy, wasting their time with someone who is not meant for them and is not in any way compatible with them.

And then 2 things happen: either they just stay together with the soulmate who they do call claim to love deeply and settle for life. Because they are afraid that if they leave their soulmate and choose to get to know who they truly are, they fall out of tune with society and will not be so socially acceptable anymore another thing that happens is that the soulmate couple finally realizes after being a longer time together, that they are not so alike or compatible after all. And that when they started the relationship in the beginning they were blindsided in many areas and only saw that one value where they were agreeing upon. But not the 100 other ways and areas where they do not match. And then the soulmate couple chooses to go their way.

And oftentimes the old programming kicks in again and they fall in the same pattern. Searching for their partner, Love, and good outside of themselves and settling for another soulmate they repeat that same pattern as with the first soulmate until they reach a stage in life where they just settle and stay with that person. While in Truth, they feel happy in one area, but miserable and depressed in a lot of other areas. This is why you see oftentimes soulmate couples doing things together in one area. But then they need to go on vacation or a trip with their male or female friends to escape the relationship that feels so boring and unsatisfying in 100 areas. But where they still hold on to, because they don't want to be alone and feel maybe good with one aspect of that partner and then just settle out of place of wanting to feel that familiarity. And where they are afraid to face the real truth.

Because the focus is more on the outside than the inside. More on physical looks and fake passion that's more focused on illusionary lust than true Love and peace. You get stuck in that endless wheel of thinking that the next soulmate partner or the next shiny thing in life is finally going to give you that satisfaction that you are searching for. Then find out that every time you are with that new soulmate partner you keep having that feeling of dissatisfaction, boredom, and a feeling that you need to escape in multiple ways to hide that dissatisfaction that you truly feel on the inside.

What also happens, is that people walk around with emotional wounds and traumas that they experienced in life or as a child and that they search for a soulmate partner that helps them heal that father or mother wound or whom they can trauma bond with, instead of connecting out of true Love.

But there is another way, a better way. A way that is not taught by society or schools. You probably still remember those sweet memories when you were a child and you were watching Disney movies where the handsome princess always ends up with her handsome prince and they are completely what they wanted in a partner and live their happily ever after. The reason why you resonated with those movies and the storyline of those movies, is simply that we all have that deep inner knowingness and feeling of that perfect partner within us. We all felt this as a child, that this handsome charming prince or princess must be out there for us. As a child, you have no doubt and you 100% trust that deep inner feeling and that magic that you see in those Disney movies. The problem isn't your inner knowing, because you have that inner knowing. But that you have never learned how to manifest or attract that one true Love into your life, that perfect man or woman that you feel in your heart. No one ever taught you how to come together with that perfect partner.

If you listen to society, then you just need to settle with the one who looks a bit good, has a good income, and makes you laugh and who looks like a good father or mother for your children and maybe have one thing in common with and call it life.

So, according to society, relationship standards are pretty low. No one ever teaches men or women how to truly value themselves. What true Love is and society doesn't teach you about your Twin Flame or how to attract or be with that one true Love while staying true to yourself. Instead, society teaches you how to sell yourself cheaply like a piece of meat to then ultimately be with a soulmate where the relationship crumbles down after weeks of being with each other.

No one ever talked about how to prepare for your relationship with your Twin Flame, that perfect man or woman that you feel deep in your heart. So it’s time that no matter how old you are right now, you get to know not only how to prepare for your relationship with that one true Love (your Twin Flame), but also how to attract them and stay together forever. This is the kind of Love that you see in Disney movies. This is the kind of Love that you dream about. This is the kind of Love that lasts forever and that goes beyond the physical borders. This is the kind of deep, harmonious, passionate, peaceful soul-deep Love that you knew existed since you were a child. This is the Love you truly want and the only one you ever want and need.

What you thought you loved in those soulmate partners was you projecting the character traits of that perfect man or woman (of your Twin Flame) onto that soulmate. To then be blinded and euphoric by the fact that this soulmate has one value or trait that is like that perfect partner in your heart. But to then realize after weeks when you are in that soulmate relationship that you got fooled again until you give up and stop believing in it. This is where some men and women never seem to move on from and it keeps them in that eternal trap of misery and settling that crumples them and dims the light of their souls. But it does not have to be like that. Because the solution is very easy. But you have to know how to move from that painful miserable place to that place of Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame.

And now it’s time to learn to let go of the soulmate lie! And to finally go for your one true Love, your Twin Flame, that you dreamt about since you were a child.

Being with your true Twin Flame is Heaven. There is a deep understanding of each other. A deep unconditional Love that goes beyond comprehension and on top of that, your true Twin Flame makes the same choices as you because you are one being. One bird with two wings. Where you are one wing and your Twin Flame the other. You complete each other and encourage each other to become the best version of yourselves on all levels. With your Twin Flame, there is no such thing as settling. He or she has the same life vision as you and they are 100% compatible with you and meant only for you. Your Twin Flame is the only one whom you are meant to have a romantic and sexual relationship with. As sexuality is not what society thinks it is, it’s not an animalistic pleasure thing. Because if you do that with soulmates, all you ever experience is an illusion and it leaks all your energy away.

True Divine Romance and sexuality is an act that should be only between all of you ( you, your Twin Flame, and the Divine). It’s the only place where you truly want to share your most intimate self and keep your energies for yourself and your precious Union. Your life force and your most intimate parts, it's truly meant to connect with the Divine and your full being on a soul-deep level because it’s only appropriate to share it with all of you and God in you and your Twin Flame. Divine sexuality is coming closer and closer to God and your full True Self. It is about intimacy and enlightenment. Not animalistic lust like it's portrayed in society. And with your Twin Flame, you will never get bored. You will always have the opportunity to expand and deepen your Love, commitment, and passion from a place of harmony and true enlightenment.

With your Twin Flame, everything feels like home. It feels like you know each other for eternity and that is the Truth since you are one being.

So by now you probably get that by following what society says you need to do, you only experience an endless loop of misery and waste your time and energy on partners and things that are not meant for you.

Isn’t it time that you finally stop settling? Isn't it time to go all in to get to know how you can be with that dream man or dream woman who is a 100% match to you and has all the qualities and values that you dream of?

The only problem you have right now is actually that you fell for the ego programming of society and that you created an illusionary separation in your mind that pushes back your True Self. You have put on all kinds of fake costumes and masks to please others or society, but to be together with your Twin Flame, you need to know how to not only magnetize them to you but also how to prepare your soul, heart mind, and body and space for that one true Love ( your Twin Flame) to be your True Self.

So what is stopping you right now?

What is stopping you from being with your perfect partner, your Twin Flame?

The only thing that stops you, is your lack of knowing how to have that dream life with your Twin Flame that you have dreamed about since you were a child.

Let me tell you something. It’s very very possible for you. Do you know why? Because the Teachings of Union and our support are exactly what you need to be together with your Twin Flame and finally end that cycle of wasting time, energy, or money on countless dates with people who are not meant for you. You can stop trying to dress to impress. You can stop trying to show parts of your body to attract your partner and finally learn to act in a way that catches the real attention of your Twin Flame. You can stop trying to impress with money, muscles or cars. None of that works with your Twin Flame. And in truth it's just a waste of your time if you need to buy or achieve all of that to then get disappointed with a soul mate. You rather want to learn how to truly be and become your Divine Self or act in a Divine way to be with your Twin Flame.

Wouldn’t it feel way nicer if you with the support of us and the Teachings of Union would be able to put an eternal end to your search for that perfect partner? The Teachings of Union have brought me and my Twin Flame permanently together and it has done the same for countless people as well. Who now live their Heaven on Earth and their true purpose together with their Twin Flame. Wouldn’t you want to be the next one who finally comes home to the man or woman that is truly meant by God only for you for all eternity? A type of Love that transcends time and space. Isn’t it time that you have this as well and can end that rat race you see in bars, discos, etc where people need to be someone who they are not to attract a fake soulmate partner whom they will be unhappy with either way?

This cycle can end eternally for you if you finally choose that dream man or woman that you have in your heart and take our reached-out hand to help bring you to your true Twin Flame. Your man or woman of your heart. Your prince or princess charming.

The time for your Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame is now! Are you ready? We know perfectly how to help you achieve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your Heaven on Earth through the Teachings of Union.

The choice is yours.

What will you choose?

Are you ready to book your first 50% off Introductory Session to finally be with that partner of your dreams? Do so here: and start welcoming your Ultimate Love, your Twin Flame into your life.

The Teachings of Union that helped us heal Twin Flame separation and helped us attain our beautiful Twin Flame Union:


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