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The way to your best optimal Divine Self

Surrender to God is good and a necessity to reach success on your Twin Flame and Ascension journey and so is studying and learning new material to help you grow and reach success. But what exactly makes you successful in all areas of your Life?

If you are willing to see in every moment the Truth about yourself.

What are my strong points?

And where do I need to work on?

Am I daring to admit that some points and aspects need work?

If you can face yourself every day by seeing the good but to also compassionately see what needs to change, then you will open your doors to success!

Success is not only a talent thing or you studying hard or you being lucky.

It's a daily state of being. A daily routine.

Because the ones who can put the awareness and the study into practice and take the action steps you receive from God and your study in a way that you can practice what you preach and learn and make your weak points your strength and your strong points your superpower that is what will make you successful in all areas of your Life.

It’s the daily application of your awareness and insights you get from God and the study to become better that will make you successful.

This is what Heaven on Earth is really about!

You become better smarter and stronger every single day by daring to look in the mirror and daring to change daily.

That’s what Ascension and the Twin Flame journey is all about.

You living as your best optimal Divine self.

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