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Twin Flame Energy Forecast: What Awaits You from October 23 - 29?

This upcoming week is going to be all Truth.

What you have suppressed for a long time will come to the Light.

The illusionary ego has run its course and is singing its final song. The masks will fall off.

What this means for you and your Twin Flame is that it will become very obvious where you have Love, peace, and harmony within your Union and where you are in illusionary lack.

The ego always tries to play its games to receive love and attention -this is always to feed your illusionary self.

There are big-time cosmic shifts coming in next week. This means that there is a major light expansion happening on the planet.

Have you noticed how the world is going nuts right now?

This is all because of the expansion of light. The light is literally pushing all the ego patterns out of your whole being. Your fake self and its games and patterns can not stand the light but it has no choice because only Love and light are real.

However, you are such a powerful Co-Creator that if you in any way resist releasing what is out of alignment, you will experience certain symptoms of stress and negativity in your being. If you hold on to the illusionary ego and all the stories of what happened to you and who did things to you etc, then it can be a very turbulent week.

But if you are conscious that you only want Love, light, and the Divine and that you deserve only Love, light, and Divinity in the knowingness that you are an innocent child of the Divine. And that punishment is not real. That only Love and light are real. And you choose to consciously release all the ego patterns, upsets, and grudges. And choose Love and forgiveness for yourself and others no matter the story, experience, or what happened to you, then you literally will set yourself and every one free!


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