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Twin Flame Energy Update for the upcoming week of December 25th till December 31st!

As the year of 2023 winds down and we are just a week away from a new year, you will find that you feel invited to go within your heart and to feel in those places where you went out of alignment with your True Self this past year. 

This upcoming week will all be about new realizations and AHA moments for both the Divine Masculine as well as the Divine Feminine.


The beginning of the week will start gently and you will feel that you will need way more time to rest and to just be. Don't try to force anything these days. You will need these days of rest where you allow yourself to just be. 

Because at the end of the week, you will feel a deep sense of new creative energy and a deep Love and bliss within your soul and heart, and more so a sense of gratitude for all the good that you have.

For those who are not yet physically with their Twin Flame, this is a time of miracles and deep commitment. You will be invited to commit deeper to the Divine, deeper to Love, deeper to your True Self to finally live the life that fits your soul. Once you make the adjustments that are needed to live a life that is in integrity with your soul and heart and who the Divine created you to be as a Divine Feminine or Masculine and finally, accept your true function, then you will see that your Twin Flame will start to adore you even more. 

The end of the week is all about letting go of what doesn't serve or what is out of alignment with your True Self and how the Divine created you, free from social programming or any ego-based limiting programming. So when you feel things coming up, know that it is the old releasing. Don't resist it because the Divine will replace it with what is juicy and Divine and actually in alignment with your true authentic self. 

Relax and let go and allow the Truth, Love, and light of the Divine along with the new insights to set you free within. So that you can start creating a life that feels aligned with the True You and where your Twin Flame fits in completely. 

If you finally want to know how to heal all the underlying blocks and root causes of why your Twin Flame is ignoring you and not attracted to you, so that you finally can start magnetizing your Twin Flame in a way to makes it impossible for him or her to stay away from you or keep their hands off you, and finally have that deep devoted romantic relationship that you always dreamt of, then click the link below to find out how we can help you solve the issue of your Twin Flame not being attracted to you. 

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The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia you find here:


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