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Twin Flame Energy Update for the upcoming week of October 30th till November 5th!

Twin Flames, brace yourself because the next upcoming week is going to be a ride and it's up to you if it's a fun one or a stressful one!

This upcoming week is a new week of activations, cleansing, healing, and integration of higher levels of living light.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are going to feel a deep activation in all their energy centers. There is going to be an expansion of your energy and light bodies and an increase in your vibrational body.

The natural frequency of the earth is increasing and the earth is balancing and recalibrating its hemispheres.

So be prepared for a deep inner balance and union activation of your Masculine and Feminine energies within.

And it's at the same time an invitation to heal your insecurities, to retrieve parts of yourself, to let go of attachments, and to strengthen healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

You are going to feel a lot of things in your full being and body and your adrenals and endocrine system are going through an upgrade.

So be extra gentle with yourself.

Make sure you rest enough and take enough breaks.

That you eat well and drink enough water.

You can make it as easy and fun as you want.

The more you surrender and let go, the fewer symptoms you will feel.

If you have control issues and fear issues, then it will become very exhausting.

So choose love and peace for yourself and you will amplify the positive results of this activation and everything will be effortless and easy for you - resulting in positive effects within yourself and your Union!

Stay tuned for more Twin Flame Energy Updates!

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