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Twin Flame Energy Update for the week of January 1st till January 7th

Welcome in 2024! 

The new year has officially begun. 2023 lies completely in the past.

2024 is the year of Love, integrity, abundance, and alignment.

It's the year of the start of a golden age.

But to start this golden age, both the Divine Masculine and Feminine honestly need to see within themselves, where they still are holding on to fears, worry, etc.

It's exactly this fear and worry that is keeping you from fully receiving all the good that the Divine has in store for each Twin Flame couple.

The energies of 2024 are refreshing, aligning, renewing, loving and uplifting. They will raise your vibration but if you are somewhere still holding on to old fears, worries, stories, misbeliefs, experiences, traumas, or how things played out in the past, then this alone will resist the new and good that is wanting to come to you.

At the beginning of the week, the energies and vibrations of the new year will bring up subconscious buried memories, misaligned beliefs, thoughts, fears, and worries. Simply because the Love and light of the higher vibrations coming in are cleansing you of the old, heavy, and misaligned stuff. It's safe to just make the consistent conscious choice to choose Love, safety, peace, abundance, Harmonious Twin Flame Union, freedom, commitment, success, and infinite good. This alone will help you release the old and to make space for the new good to come to you!

The second half of the week you will be catapulted into your new aligned self and new aligned reality. Expect miracles in all areas of your life popping up on a daily basis to increase your life with eternal, Harmonious Twin Flame Union, Love, peace, harmony, stability, safety, abundance, luck, happiness, and joy. Simply let go of the old and allow yourself to be aligned and open to receive the new. There will always be a steady provision of nurture and care on all levels.

Do not be afraid of the new because the new is there to love you and to help you grow like the precious diamonds you all are.

2024 will bring your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and infinite good.

Are you choosing it?

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