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Twin Flame energy update March 4th till March 10th!!!

Be prepared for a major shift. The first full week of March will bring a big energetic change between Twin Flames.

This means that you are going through a vibrational upgrade. While last week it was all about finding balance.

This week will be all about expansion, growth, and renewal. The foundation of balance was laid out last week. Will be the energetic foundation for all the growth and changes that this week's Twin Flame energies will call for.

This is not to say that you need to stop focusing on balance and maintaining your foundation. What this means is that you will notice that you will gain new high-vibrational insights. And that you will feel a new vibrational energy of love, inspiration, and motivation sparking over you.

At the beginning of the week, you will gain more insight on how to make your Twin Flame journey lighter instead of heavier. You will feel called to focus more on your self-growth. And how you can simplify the combination of maintaining your foundation. And add more good to your life by increasing your love vibration.

This week will be all about the increase. You will notice subtle shifts between you and your Twin Flame. And will notice that certain pain points and traumas will magically disappear if you choose to work in harmony with the high vibrations.

You will notice that you will need to choose to let go and forgive yourself and others for the past. This will catapult you back to your true state of being. Which is true love, peace, compassion, and truth.

Let these vibrations help you to heal and let go of the old. If you make these conscious choices. Then you will start to notice the miracles in your Twin Flame Union. Let these energies bring you Twin Flame miracles.

Are you ready for the positive shift that catapults you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

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