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Twin Flame Journey: Ego and its tricks

Twin Flame, as you may already know the Twin Flame journey is all about returning to your Divine Self.

But what does that mean to be your „Divine Self“?

It means that you choose to embody as much as you possible your true Divine nature.

What is your true Divine nature? By what or whom is that defined?

Where do you think you come from?

You didn’t create yourself. You come from a higher power, something way bigger than you. You come from Source, from Love, or from the Universe, the same thing, or whoever you like to call it. That Source is loving because the Truth is we live in a loving Universe and we are designed or created in the image of it, in the image of Love and Divinity.

Ego instead is the opposite of Love, it tries to oppose Love whereas Love doesn’t see or engage with ego. Ego isn’t real and ego doesn’t deserve any attention - otherwise, you would just make it real. Ego is the root cause of all of humanity’s suffering. Ego cuts you off from Love, from your infinite Source within, and wants to convince you into lies, limitations, lack, misery, and a lot of other things. But you as a Divine Being don’t need to buy into that. Ah and yeah, ego loves comparison… but just don’t fall for it.

When you come to know the inner work that Jeff and Shaleia teach within Twin Flames Universe you will soon come to know the importance of listening to the right voice within yourself, it’s either Love or fear speaking to you in your own mind. Love is always the silent loving whisper.

Commit to only listening to Love’s voice because fear or ego’s agenda is to make you feel bad, to stay poor, to sabotage yourself, to hold you back, to hide, to silence yourself, and to completely self-hate, destroy or punish yourself, out of shame and guilt or other distorted stories ego tells you.

But truly, you can let go of all shame and guilt or any other self-punishing behavior and heal yourself with the Teachings of Union layer by layer because you are Divine and good and you deserve only good.

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