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Twin Flames, Are You Leveling Up in Your Life?

As much as it is important to do the Mirror Exercise in your life it is just of equal importance to always reassess your life, your relationships, everything. If everything still feels in harmony and in alignment with you.

If something feels bad in your life, we know the first step is healing the upsets with the Mirror Exercise whatever the thing is bringing up for you.

But if a situation keeps feeling bad?

Then it is important to get clear:

- What is it that is feeling bad?

- Why is it feeling bad?

- What is the problem in that situation?

- What is the pattern that is playing out?

- What is truly happening?

-What am I choosing here and does what I am choosing here help me create the life of my dream and bring me closer to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union and my dream of complete Ascension?

By answering these or more questions you are really able to make a thorough assessment and by looking at whatever situation emotionally and logically - you are able to make the best choice for you and can feel good about it.

It’s important to make always throughout assessments. To look at any situation holistically. To see the situation like a cup you would want to assess from all angles to really get a clear picture of what is actually happening.

As you ascend, as you heal more on the Twin Flame journey, you get to know yourself deeper and better. You get to know more Love / Universe / God. Therefore you get better at discerning what is of Love for you, what is in alignment with your True Self, what is of Love, and what not. By applying this spiritual principle and by working through any situation emotionally and logically, life has no choice like with any relationship, to be fully revealed to you. What might appear to you as maybe loving at first, might not be loving at all. Be compassionate with yourself while you release more things of ego and fear from your life.

As the Twin Flame journey is all about living a heart-centered life, it is crucial for living a life of joy, Love, and fun to always make heart-centered choices while combining Divine Logic.

You do deserve a fantastic life. Like Jeff and Shaleia say in Life Purpose Class, literally any area of your life can be improved if only you put your consciousness towards it.

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You are worthy of the effort and investment it takes! You deserve a beautiful life!

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