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Twin Flames, this might be what you are going through right now.

A typical process during the Twin Flame Ascension journey. 

No worries, you are prepared for this and equipped to handle any challenge that is front of you. 

Just like the fox, the cat and the birds in this image you are spiraling upwards. Even if it might not feel for you this way. But if you choose to see it through the eyes of Love, this is what is happening. 

You are clearing your whole being from lower vibrational frequencies and are stepping into a more Heavenly reality for you. 

Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your soul to clear out anything that isn’t serving you for where you want to go. 

You know your north star. You know your dream. All you have to is persist and work the spiritual process. 

Look at that beautiful rainbow, your dreams are awaiting you ❤️✨

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The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, you find here:

We are looking forward to you.

Much Love, Stijn and Johanna


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