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Twin Flames, What You Need to Know!

Your Twin Flame is a reflection of your relationship with God and yourself.

Ego always wants to manipulate its way to fake love, to search and run for love outside of yourself, to grab what it lays its eyes on. Because that is the only place where ego can operate its little game of creating fake personalities, fake desires, fake love, fake partners etc.Ego wants to dominate and control God, outside of you, and God is the only place it can keep feeding illusionary love and its illusionary personality and life.

The emptiness inside can not be filled by material things.

Ego will keep you running for the next shiny object.

The Twin Flame journey is not only about your relationship with your Twin Flame, it is about your relationship with yourself and God. It is about Ascension and healing all parts of yourself who are in illusionary ego, who walk with masks. God is not something you control to get what your ego wants. And that is the same with yourself and your Twin Flame and everything in life. God is not the instrument that you use so that it pleases you.

You are God's instrument, and he plays it with infinite love and care and provision of the most beautiful music through you and your Twin Flame.

God knows better than you and God knows what your True Selves desires are and how that translates in the physical. That is the reason why it is important to heal yourself, to do the inner work daily, and to get to know God and your True Self. That is what you secretly always wanted. If you know your God within you, then you will know your True Self!

The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, all Twin Flames Universe's products, along with the guidance of an Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe can perfectly help you on your Ascension and Twin Flame journey. Simply because this will guide you to come closer and closer to God, to Love, to your True Self and your Twin Flame. The Teachings of Union is the only way that truly encompasses and helps you achieve all these great things and more. It worked and works for me and so many others. So it will work for you.

You just have to start and apply it and you will receive the results from God.

The life-changing Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia:

Ascension Coaching Services to heal your Twin Flame Union:


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