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What are doing in a day to move closer to your dream of Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

Life can be full of distractions and literally nowadays you have infinite days on how you can make the time go by.

It’s important to have an honest look at yourself.

Are you using your time and energy efficiently?

Are you doing the things that support your dream of Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

If not, how do you think your dream is coming closer to you?

The Universe needs your cooperation in any manifestation and it’s not enough to just do inner healing work to make your dreams come true.

It also requires Divinely inspired action, your energy, and your vibration need to be moving into form and into the direction of your dreams, that’s the way to actually actualize your dream and to complete the full healing process.

If you feel resistant in flowing with Love, in the direction of your dreams, it’s important to clear that out.

How much energy do you leak by not tackling these few blocks?

How much energy does it cost long-term day by day to have these “silly” blocks keep you from manifesting your heart’s desires?

It’s time to shift your energy and to move in alignment with the Love in your heart.

You can not be on Love or Fear’s side. You are either here or there.

So, will you choose Love’s side and clear your resistance in order to move closer to Love, your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and your dreams?

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